Sunday, November 30, 2014

About Orderliness

when I first looked at this pic I thought it was a bedroom,
then I realized it was a room about travel, noticing the maps on the walls.

whatever it is, it appeals to me greatly
mostly because of the shelving unit(s) we are seeing.

the sense of order, the visuals.
the way lighted bookcases or shelving units are supposed to be.
artfully arranged and welcoming.

these appear to be built in place, however, they could also be some form
of already-made-to-measure cabinet fixturing one would find from a designer.

it makes me want to know what's inside,
to find out where each piece came from,
and to know the books.

if it is, indeed, about the owner's travels, well, I'm already hooked.



  1. Your photo prompted me to look around my den and note the unorganized stacks of books, notebooks, pads, pens and other souvenirs I've tucked into nooks and crannies and think perhaps it is time to clean up, sort, and discard -- especially since I just entered the Skype world and horrors! friends might actually see my environment now! Great photo!

  2. This is beautiful! I'm obsessed with built-ins right now.. I think we're going to be putting some up in our living room come January and I can't wait!

    1. Oh, and you must show us. In my "old" age I've realized how important it is to me that everything have it's place, even if it's junk.

  3. this bookholder is simply beautiful!

  4. Agreed love how everything is so orderly and that is kept behind glass doors....a beautiful space!!

  5. I need that shelving - I have so many books, it is ridiculous, I'm running out of space to store them all! Beautiful inspiration!


  6. These glass front bookcases makes stacks of magazines, dvds, and random items look good. I think the lighting helps. Makes me want to get into my pantry and re-organize. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. This room is perfection! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Marsha! xoxo

  8. What a fantastic wall! How could we NOT love this?

    In my old house, I had an entry into the master bedroom that was essentially floor to ceiling white painted bookcases - filled. A swatch of art books and literature neatly housed. I adored using it and I likewise adored the way it looked. (Orderliness has it's delicious moments.)

    I admit - that built-in storage, sleek and practical - is one of the things I miss most about my former home.

  9. Lovely picture, and lots of good ideas there. Aside from the orderliness part, doors on bookshelves cut down on accumulated dust. I, too, am thinking about some built-ins come next year, for all those reasons given.

  10. Books behind glass.......I like that just for the dust control!

  11. Love your blog, you are refreshing! Also love the music!


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