Friday, November 21, 2014



Emporio Armani Fall 2014

Ralph Lauren
who wouldn't LOVE this ?

Ralph Lauren

to me, these looks are the quintessential fashion looks one
aspires to reach.

I seriously do not care for the mix/match (except for Dries Von Noten)
the young women seem to favor.

and, anyone who reads this column frequently already knows, jeans
are not my cup of tea.

cute, fun, OK, alright,
but still not my 1st choice at any time.
jeans with a fabulous blouse makes me think one forgot the bottom half of the outfit.
jeans with a beautiful cashmere sweater makes me think you are disrespecting your

anyway, the monochromatic looks are the ones I favor and always have.
is this an age thing?
have I lost it?

no and no

sending love and kisses for the beginning of the holiday season.

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