Sunday, November 16, 2014

This & That

the council has assembled!

Splenderosa’s Fall Outfits w/Burgundy Bag by splenderosa featuring a cape coat

Splenderosa's Fall Go-To Outfits

an outfit of many different elements, the way the girls dress now.
do you like it?


café e homem.

& this reminds me...have any of you seen the new Chanel 5 commercial with
Tom Brady's wife, Gisele?
it is beautiful, it's like a small film rather than a commercial.
it's now playing.
& you can also find it on YouTube, I'll bet.

I've found 3 new-to-me designers, at the mid price point:


all beautifully made, all affordable and APPROVED BY MARSHA.

and then there is the wonderful

by Graham & Spencer

with the best tee's ever and now they are venturing out into the stylish arena
with more fibers, like cashmere.  Pretty great.

and, ahem, the computer problems are resolved
& I will re-post the 50% off merchandise, so if anyone is interested
in purchasing a fine Italian leather handbag, now is the time !!

getting ready for Thanksgiving...I am making the stuffing,
my grandmother's & mother's
famous Yellow Cornbread Stuffing.
with a Marsha twist.

I'll put the recipe up really soon.
oh, & the 
Pumpkin Chiffon Pie !!!

love to all, you literally make my life better each day.
for true.