Friday, December 26, 2014

A Texas Interior Designer

I know some people still believe all us Texans live on the prairie with tumbleweeds blowing
through, blazing hot sun, cowboys with Stetson hats, and Luchese boots.

however, this hasn't been the case for a good long while now.

yes there are some wide, open spaces in Texas,
but there are also some beautiful major cities, sassy & brilliant towns (like Austin),
and charming little country places dotted everywhere.

the work below belongs to
Lisa Luby Ryajn,
a Dallas designer, whose talents are sought throughout our country.

this vignette is from her shop and gives you a hint of what she does so well.

Vintage Living - Lisa Luby Ryan

she completely believes in re-purposing your existing furnishings as much as possible,
which is wonderful, isn't it? 
& she has an amazing way of grouping interesting pieces on a wall to create
a large, beautiful focal point for the room.

to see more of her work & her shop,
plus before & after shots of some of her work
please go here

I know all of you had the most wonderful Christmas Day & Christmas Eve
imaginable, as did I.
I did go out of town for a couple of days, which in and of itself was delightful.
of course, the dogs went with me.