Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's Sunday !!!

the Sunday before Christmas,
& even though I would much like to do this

it's simply not gonna happen !

dinner tonight with the usual group at the low-end Tex-Mex joint,
before that many packages to wrap
(oh I know, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!)

a couple of last minute gifts to find somewhere,
and as much as I adore online shopping (& I do ADORE it!)
there's a chance that the gifts ordered won't arrive in time.
no matter what.

going to visit one of my girlfriends at the cemetery because I'm going out out of town
for the actual holiday, but I want to send her a Christmas hug before I go.
somehow, standing there beside her grave site, thinking of all the things we did
is such an evocative feeling for me.
she passed from congestive heart failure in 2005,
but there is not one day I don't think of her, mostly with much love & laughter
as the memories are wonderful.

along with my grandmother, MOM-MOM, she was one of my true inspirations
in life.
she never said an unkind thing about anyone,
even though there were plenty of things to say.
she had the best posture,
she always always looked beautiful, without trying,
& she was my daughter's God-Mother.

my doggies and I have already been for a long walk,
they are on a tandem lease because there is no way any of us could manage
with individual leashes as they are not well-trained to walk this way.
& just imagine the criss-crossing, leg tangling, etc.

it's crisp & cool here, but overcast & gray,
very much a Houston winter.

everyone fashionable has broken out the boots though we do not need them!

all the women are in tights with boots and big fluffy jackets or vests,
& I want you to know that in the last 3 days I've seen 3 women
with very high end handbags,
one at the post office at 9:00AM, with a huge Valentino,
another in the boutique, with a giant Saffiano leather dark tan "Sugar" Givenchy,
& finally a beautiful Celine, the iconic one.

of them all,  the Valentino was the most beautiful,
with the large shiny brass plate inscribed with the designer's name.
no one does not notice.
& this tiny Japanese young woman was head-to-toe designer duds,
not couture, but high-end designer,
at the post office!

I think I had on sweats.


11 days to Christmas…. by dewollewei on Flickr.

the above is a Christmas card to all of you, 
but especially for Pamela Terry & Edward
(fyi Edward is a dog just like this one).