Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Little Bit of New(s)

I really love these little clustered arrangements,
just so refreshing it seems.

they make a huge centerpiece seem, somehow, out of style, don't they?


blooms Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

my daughter received very good news from her doctor's appointment today, thankfully.
she doesn't need additional surgery, albeit minor,
so all is well with them and with me.

please, my clients, forgive my tardiness in shipping your orders;
sometimes family must take precedence, and I actually have NO ONE
who can fill my shoes if I'm out of town.

I would be afraid orders would be confused and the person who ordered the pasta
would get cheesecake, you know?


on another note entirely,
I am really disappointed that anyone would say
The New England Patriots
did not win the game fair & square.

under-inflated balls?
7-45 the final score.

the TEAM won because THEY play great football,
just like they have for years.


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