Saturday, January 3, 2015

White Flowers, Who Doesn't Love Them......

the new year has begun, it's raining raining raining in Houston,
our winter,
& I'm going in to the shop today for the entire day.

hope we have some human ducks who want to come out to shop :)'s

these white flowers are the 1st image I saw today that made me smile,
my white hydrangeas have wilted after only having them for only 3 days.
I never take anything back, but these are going back to the market because I am so disappointed.

& I did everything one is supposed to do to keep them fresh.

some beautiful frocks already appearing as we go forward to Spring,
each day we are receiving linens, silks and resort-inspired pieces...
really really pretty and inspirational,
now I'm thinking of jewelry & handbags to go with all this.




  1. Gorgeous!! Looooove white flowers too- happy 2015!

  2. Such a gorgeous image Marsha. Raining here in London too :-(
    Happy New Year lovely lady xx

  3. Thank you for our morning bouquet!
    Will you be sharing images of shop?
    Did I miss it's name?
    I am so excited for you!
    I miss my retail days so!

  4. White flowers are such a nice symbol of the promise of a new year.
    And you said the magic words, "jewelry and handbags".

  5. These are beautiful. I just returned from the UAE, totally jet lagged and will be taking down the tree, to be replaced by bulbs and white flowers (my favorite as well)

  6. My white poinsettia also wilted after 1 week and I was so disappointed too. didn't anythg wrong and followed the
    gardener advice. But don't let you get it down and I will try an other one. May be 2o15 we have a better green finger.

  7. Hello Marsha

    Three days is too short in the life of your flowers. I hope you get a replacement bunch that flourishes for a couple of weeks. Of late I have been buying white carnations and baby breath. They last a couple of weeks.
    Hope you have a great day

    Helen xx

  8. WHITE IS GOOD....................send the RAIN HERE!XX

  9. Gorgeous wake up to my day!! Happy New Year darling!! I hate when flowers wilt that quickly. It's happened to me the last few times I bought Hydrangeas. So frustrating. I don't buy them anymore, which is a shame because I adore them.


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