Sunday, March 15, 2015

At Home

does this just knock your socks off?
yes, it does.

Kitchen and barbeque cooking patio.

the past 2 days in Houston have been perfect, cool & sunny, clear blue skies....

our gift from Mother Nature after 1 week of drizzle & foggy skies.

every nursery and super market has plants stacked up to ceilings, all in full bloom,
ready to be put in the backs of our cars.

beautiful hibiscus topiary trees, giant green fern hanging baskets, and even
tomato plants.

the dogs & I have been outside as much as possible and, like me, they love
visiting with all the other people taking in the sun.

the new state-of-the-art Whole Foods is 1 block away,
a Fresh Market across the street from Whole Foods,
so the antipasto platters have been beautiful.

I had a glass of wine and some of those goodies with a neighbor,
a woman I just met as I'm so new in the building.

she is an avid learner and reader who travels almost constantly,
and it was fun to compare notes with her.

I watched "The Judge" on TV,
if you haven't seen it please sit yourself down and spend a couple of hours
with Robert Downey, Jr. & the cast.  
it is simply splendid.

lots of new jewelry has arrived and will be on my website this coming week,
including this lovely necklace

have a wonderful week, my friends !