Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This is the Way I Like to Dress....

OMG, I know some of the young ones will be despondent over the
apparent lack of adventure...

the mixing & mis-matching of fabric designs & colors,

but, for me, monochromatic dressing is the way I go.

the way I go anywhere/everywhere.

not that every shade must be a precise match of the other,
but melding shades...

the elegance of this type of dress has always appealed to me.

I don't knock around in sweats (outside my own home, that is),
nor do I wear torn jeans with tees having some absurd saying printed on my chest.

I know, I know,
there will be disagreement here.

it's OK.

for me, it's the Armani, Ralph, Max Mara refinement I love,
it's my signature.

casual luxury

this is what I call it.


I'm already getting ready for the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd,

the favorites right now are:

International Star
Carpe Diem

according to their standings with accumulated points.

but, as all of you know, the colors are what I wager on & the beauty of the horse,
which is paramount.

now, gotta find a new outfit,
I'm thinking a cotton maxi, maybe all white, maybe a little bitty floral print, 
definitely not black or red...but I will consider almost anything else...
Ralph Lauren Black Label makes a pretty white one, but it's so so simple....
I could see it with some awesome hat though, and Jill Henning is the hat-maker to the stars,
this is where one goes to find the perfect one...

& when I do you will see it.

somehow this year the shoes seem quite important
as it's awful to be uncomfortable !!