Thursday, October 22, 2015

British Artist Bridget Davies

don't we all dream we look like this?
the easy elegance, the hauteur coupled with the slight tongue-in-cheek wit of it all.
I know I do!

Pink Bag


this artist has totally captivated me lately,
I love her wit & style which you see in each piece she does.

Cheryl Gilger of ZsaZsaBellagio 
is hard at work creating a NEW look for my blog.

Cheryl is a fantastic artist herself, and she has already created a banner which I'm thrilled about,
& now I'm hoping to see a bit of her gorgeous styling on my page too.

What to wear whan walking the dogs 2
just so you know, this is exactly what I look like when walking my 2 doggies !!!

Saatchi Art Artist Bridget Davies; Painting, “Walking the Dogs - Purple Dress” #art
you've seen her work, the circle of illustrated spoons, for example?

if not, look her up...enjoy !!!


  1. Chic beyond! Not that you needed to be more chic! But; why not?? She is fabulous!!!

  2. Very happy for you, my dear friend!
    Her sketches are so lovely....
    Adorable ZsaZsaBellagio!

  3. SO< YOU!LOVE IT.............I know her to find out more!XX

  4. When you want to jump into a watercolor . . .
    You know the artist beyond brilliant.
    [ I thought that was you and your babies . . . ; ) ! ]

  5. Oh I love her work...and I live in Victoria so I must find out where I can view her paintings...thank you for sharing this info and good luck with your blog redesign.


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