Wednesday, October 21, 2015



hi everyone...
  something caused my attention to wander to little girl's clothing this afternoon.

probably because of my 5-year old granddaughter, Archer,
who is a fashionista in her own right already.

casting around for Christmas gift ideas I, naturally, looked into what Sak's 5th Avenue
had to offer.  

Me & Mini-Me

this is an actual Dolce & Gabbana photo, but you can already see where I'm going with this.

the little girl's dress is somewhere around $675.00

of course, it's silk, it's beautiful, and it would only be worn for about 1 year the way children grow.

G-Mommie does not have this in her Christmas budget this year.

but, you ask, "what if I could get a copy of almost the same dress?"

for about $75.00
& less for some styles probably.

it's pretty too, it's cotton, has a lining and is really adorable.
it does not, however, have seams which match perfectly as the original does,
& it has a zipper instead of bound buttonholes.

& just fyi, there are about 50 pieces in the children's collection so I'm certain
there are many more darling delightful D&G takeoffs.

would you buy a copy or a similar version?
not because it's DESIGNER, but because it's just so adorable?

I would.
& if you say yes, I'm going to find them for all of us.
in sizes 2T - 6 most likely, because after that the girls want to choose their own apparel, don't they?

your's in shopping.....



  1. I want the grown-up dress!!!



  2. I love the D&G line! I think Helen looks fabulous in it!

  3. Yes! That raincoat reminds me of my granddaughter she loves pink and flowers!

  4. Darling! Oh to have a granddaughter to buy dresses for.
    Hope all is well. I haven't heard back from you

  5. My response is a resounding YES! I would love to buy darling dresses like this for my daughter!


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