Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Find Your Way HOME For Christmas

NOTE; still working on getting the music fixed.
just stop the player on the bar running across the bottom of my blog.
so sorry, girls

the place you love, the place you crave...
where ever it is...
find it & the memories you cherish with family & friends...
& never ever let go.

this is the only place at Christmas.

below, Courchevel...

but it could be any ski area...

the place we used to spend the holidays when our children were growing up,
the site of many a laugh, shout, much cursing for the many mistakes going up or down the slopes,
and good good food, old movies, ski apparel, shopping for things we'd never need in Houston,
& picture taking (thank the Lord for this), buying "beer" signs from the local bars &
carting them home, my kid's friends, and our friends filling the house...
& all the month's-ahead planning


Courchevel, France

but I did love the planning, the anticipation of the big adventure,
finding the exactly right tree which we could decorate with twinkling lights & red ribbons only...
& the late afternoon get-togethers for the smorgasbord of magnificent foods
someone would prepare (we all took turns, so no one was allowed to escape this one).

the men wanting to see who was brave enough to get in the hot tub at midnight...
all of us women dying over the beautiful furs in the windows,
the jewelry found no where else on Earth,
& the tranquility of the snow-covered mountains very late at night under the shining moon.

all these things, and so many more, are home to us.

but, so is "home" home.



  1. How wonderful to have such magical holiday memories!! Hope you are savoring the season! xoxo



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