Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Movie & TV Reviews

just a quick update on our most recent movie & TV know, the gang and me...

OK, up 1st is THE BIG SHORT

well, everybody has to see this film, guys...
it will help if you truly understand what happened in 2008, the market crash,
what led up to the crash...I mean.

but even if you don't, the firm kinda sorta explains it in a very elementary way...
but never mind about that...THE ACTING, THE ACTING, THE ACTING...
it is so worth the time & price of a ticket.


as much as I love Leo and as much as I want him to win an Academy Award, I just
won't see this film because of the implied cruelty to animals and the extreme violence.
I know it's just a story and a very compelling one.
if I'm making a mistake here please let me know.


the new season just began.
this is a MUST SEE for anyone who loves good drama, and this is GREAT drama.


seriously do not approve of Ricky Gervais's humor, but cannot wait to see the spectacle
on Sunday evening...


holding my breath for our Houston Texans in the wildcard,
and we'll see who gets to take New England on, I think.

now, all I have to worry about is what I'm wearing to the Golden Globes party
at my friend's home...
thank goodness, this year it's NOT a movie-theme costume party...

any thoughts on your favorite movie or TV show?