Friday, January 8, 2016


dining al fresco
beautifully done with vintage or antique-looking 
containers & pedestals
holding verdant green orbs.

the balls reflecting the stack of plates & chair seats,
love the little favor boxes and the napkin color & arrangement.

I would definitely do this.

Garden Party moment love

Pier 1 has some great orb-shaped decorative items newly in their stores.
check them out if you like this look.

of course, the green ones are moss-covered & we can find them
pre-made in our garden stores sometimes.

Pier 1 also has a group of beautiful aqua plates,
so does HomeGoods
& HomeGoods also has some yummy colored towels for almost no money.

I'm not a frequent shopper at either place but they are both just a
couple of blocks from the new shop where I'm it's a great lunch break
to stop in & see what's new.
I'm impressed too.

& you know everyone NEEDS something new now & then.

I just discovered that I actually NEED some new bathroom items,
tissue box, covered boxes, new little trash container,
oh, you know, just something to freshen up a bit.

my new rule, just fyi, is that for every item that comes into the house,
something has to go out !!