Saturday, March 12, 2016

Giada's Recipe, I LOVE LOVELOVE


Whole Wheat Spaghetti Pasta, Spinach, Fresh Salmon,
lemon, capers, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil

the whole-wheat pasta adds a nutty flavor she says...
so let's forget about fiber and go for the gusto...

in my kitchen Giada RULES,
love her Italian take on everything,
which means everything's fresh...& fresh is what a healthy body needs.

the goodness the Earth provides...

click on over to see the video & real recipe



  1. Found this in my inbox the other day . Can't wait to try it. Love Giada's recipes!

  2. Yum...perfect recipe....thanks for sharing....just bought some salmon the idea of pasta with it!

  3. Oh my goodness this looks delicious. Fresh and wholewheat - exactly what the body needs - you couldn't have said it better. Have a wonderful Sunday

  4. Yum, healthy and I bet delicious and pretty too! Enjoy your Sunday...

  5. Renee loves Salmon. I'll try that for her. yvonne

  6. A REAL ITALIAN would NEVER eat pasta and a main course on the SAME plate!JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION!Nor, would you ever serve BREAD with PASTA!Bread is used as a filler if you did not have enough PASTA to go an ITALIAN you do not want to fill up on BREAD when you have the pasta and Main course to look forward too.FACTS, I have learned from the 100% ITALIAN I have chosen to live with...........DO AS YOU LIKE says THE AMERICAN in ME!XX

    1. Well, I guess Giada adapted this recipe for the rest of us who often need a simple meal; and as there is NO ONE who doesn't like pasta I'm sure this is the reason she did this. I haven't eaten bread since I was 11 (diet reasons) so I don't often serve bread with meals. And, of course, I know you're married to a real native-born Italian - probably the BEST man alive - & we all know they know everything. Just like my dad...he knew everything, but never imposed his wishes on anyone else (except us kids). love you !!


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