Friday, March 11, 2016

Tiny Bathroom.....

talk about a gorgeous small bathroom remodel?

this is a stunning example of what can be done if you tear everything out
back to the studs and start over.

& the good news is that in a space this small you're really NOT spending
too much money.


the reflection in the mirror shows a bit of the other side of the room.

home in DC, redesign by CARNEMARK Designs in Bethesda.

does this give anyone ideas ???


  1. I actually prefer small bathrooms to really big ones. I am guessing this is a European thing! When we renovated our French farmhouse we made an en suite shower room for our master bedroom, it is small and compact, old, uneven stone walls combined with a supremely modern glass shower, but it works and I love it. Have a great weekend

  2. That's a lovely little room. And small is better, easier to keep clean.

  3. This exquisite small bathroom is a perfect design for any home! It really goes to show not to skimp on the details! xx Rié


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