Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Need Some Fashion Advice...Part 2 What Do You Think of THIS SHOE?

i'm a girly girl, albeit one who is OVER a certain age, and one who is no longer reed thin,
so this shoe just calls out to me, even though it looks like the matchy-match of the 80's

whatta  you think??????

I know, I know...I'm the one usually dispensing fashion advice,
but for this one I need some re-validation and/or assistance.

next month there is a very very lovely charity luncheon, one honoring a very very good friend.

it's called the Super-Model Fashion Show & Luncheon
at one of the chi-chi country clubs.

of course, I'm going.  I couldn't or wouldn't miss it.

so the question.....here's a dress I am loving, and one that I can also afford ...

Floral-print Silk Maxi Dress

it's 100% silk with hand-painted motif, it's floaty & feminine
& it LOOKS like a Spring Luncheon, doesn't it?

I can't get myself ready to wear pants to this function, though there will be many who do.

what I'm thinking is that a little LEOPARD clutch will be very fashionable & quirky
& reminds me of Olivia Palermo's look., scroll down a bit to see an example.

Shoes of Prey Leopard Calf Hair Wedge Pump (Women)

I do love this shoe !!!

but, I don't have to wear leopard, it's just a thought.
or maybe the shoe, and a simple red/orange clutch?

you know?  it's a FASHION SHOW LUNCHEON.  
it's good to mix it up a bit !

let me know what you think.

this length dress works well for me as I'm tall,
the color is good as I'm blond, blue-eyed & have
great jewelry already.



  1. Hello Marsha
    I love the dress. It is stunning and timeless.
    I am not a fan of leopard and have not owned a piece ever. I do love the orange clutch. I am sure you will look fabulous.
    Helen xx

  2. The dress is beautiful! You'll look fabulous in it!

  3. Marsha, I love this dress - the cut and sheer sleeves could not be more elegant. Though I am a fan of leopard I just love the bright pop of orange that beautiful clutch would bring to the ethereal color of the dress. Have fun! xo Phyllis

  4. Love the dress. And i think the orange clutch or something similar would be fine. But in my honest opinion, I think the wedge shoes are too heavy for the dress. Maybe a strappy heeled sandal ?

  5. Beautiful dress! Love it! I would do the leopard clutch with plain shoes!! have fun!

  6. Marsha! You will look divine! Pick a sexy sandal, simple but do carry the orange clutch to wow them! You WILL be fabulous!!!!

  7. Hi Marsha,
    I think the dress is a gorgeous colour, and floaty and feminine. I wouldn't do the leopard shoe AND bag. A bit too matchy matchy. I'm also hesitant about that particular shoe with the dress. With the wedge heel, I wonder if it's a bit too clumpy? However, I do love the combination of the leopard and the orange. If you have seen the shoe in the flesh, not just a photo, you may be able to judge the wedge as narrow enough not to look too heavy. I'd either do the wedge with the orange bag, or the leopard clutch with a lighter looking shoe.

    I'm not mad about the shoe the model is wearing with it. I think the black is too heavy and the court shoe style is a bit too conservative or corporate looking. I think the dress deserves something lighter or quirky.

    Them's my thoughts, for what it's worth! (I used to be in upmarket fashion).
    Whatever you get will be right, I'm sure!
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  8. Hi Marsha,
    After writing my comments to you, I searched Google and found the shoe with side and back views of the shoe. I don't think it would be too heavy and I like the frivolousness of that shoe with the dress. Personally, I'd do it with the orange bag, rather than the matching leopard.
    Another idea could be a Japanese styled shoe, as the dress has a nod to the East.It has little Chinese styled toggles on one shoulder (in orange or red) like a cheongsam style.

    I think the dress has a printed design, not hand painted.


  9. No need for me to write it all over again. Debra from Melbourne, Australia said
    everything I was thinking and going to write in my comments. I know you'll look stunning!Please let us know what you decide.

  10. Love the dress, leopard bag which gives that sweet dress a edge but the shoes are too
    heavy looking for that dress. A strappy heel or sandal would be perfect.

  11. Love that little orange clutch, and the zing of color would play well against the pale dress. Agree with others, above, that the big wedge shoe is too much for that dress, as are the boring black pumps shown on the model. Something lighter, strappy, open-toe perhaps.
    Enjoy the luncheon.


  13. A bright red - orange clutch with a less heavy looking leopard shoe I think the suede and wedge is too much a floating dress Maybe a glossy leopard shoe, patent, would be more spring like? Even if its wedge style.
    Maybe a peep toe wedge? I'd love to see a photo of you too!

  14. This dress is absolutely your's ....oh my Goodness!
    I should take that very colourful orange clutch:))))
    Oh..... You go to sparkle there!!!
    ....... Want SO much to see you n that dress:)))

  15. The cute colorful sandals would look great with the dress (which is lovely). If you if you found a bright yellow or pink version of the orange clutch it would finish off the outfit!

  16. Hello Marsha

    I love the dress and, if it were me, I would get a shoe in the colour of "Borrowed Light by Farrow and Ball" and let the floral pattern of the dress be the star of the show. Then again I am known for playing it safe.
    Enjoy your luncheon - who makes the dress?

    Fond wishes, Helenxx

  17. Fashion is about being confident, wear what makes you feel you could stand all day long and enjoy being there!
    Since its Spring & the dress is unstructured and lovely, a simple sandal would pair perfectly! Sometimes we over think fashion!!!
    Enjoy your day, be in the moment!

    1. I overthink everything, Gail. It's just in me. But, fashion is my business so I always thing about the next trend, the next good look, the next oddity, and for me it's fun. Not torture.

  18. Hi Marsha, I agree with Gail Peterson's comment about confidence being the key to carrying off a look. But you know that! Personally, I wouldn't go with the pink/yellow/ turquoise sandal. I think it's gilding the lily, when teamed with that dress. With the flowers as well as the colour stripes, a bit too girly, rather than strong. I would go simple, or strong, but not too girly-fussy.
    Marsha, you KNOW fashion. If you fall in love with the shoe instantly and just "know" it's right, it will be. If you are trying too hard to make it work and are not sure, it's probably not right. Anyway, that's been my experience. Also, the other thing is, we all have our own look and personal style. Asking advice is all very well, but one is often asking advice from people who would have an entirely different set of style rules than we have. Some will be more conservative in their fashion choices, and would never be brave enough or have the aplomb to carry off what someone else might choose, and vice versa.
    That's my humble advice, for what it's worth. Go with your gut feel! You'll carry it off well, whatever you choose!
    Deborah - Melbourne, Australia

  19. I love the dress which seems to call out for a neutral strappy sandal. The wedge would weigh down the look too much. If you do that, you could get way with the leopard clutch. I don't see the orange one fitting with this ensemble. You'll look beautiful no matter what!! Shari

  20. The dress is amazing! Please dont wear the wedges with it. And I agree with Helen, the dress should be the star. As for shoes, pointy, sandaly, and/or strappy. Can I borrow the dress when your done? :-)

  21. I love that dress! You are going to look fabulous! Take some pictures so that we can see how wonderful you look.


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