Saturday, January 28, 2017

Year of the Rooster

“ Julia Jamin by Victor Demarchelier fpr Vogue Germany November 2016

& this from HERE

I love this blouse & could think of many many ways to wear it,
the Pussy Cat Bow is SUPER BIG now & so feminine...

Deming Long-Sleeve Stretch Silk Top, Red

below from Bergdorf Goodman



  1. Such beautiful inspiration! Hope the year of the rooster treats you well!


  2. Red is my very favorite color and have lots of it in my closet and hoome.

    I am so excited, I am going to a Chinese New Years Celebration next Friday. It is one of my customers that I used to work with before I retired. But, Gloria, said I expect to see you every year at my party. So, you guessed it, I am going. The food is amazing - 7 course meals, entertainment and lots of fun. Will do a post about my evening.

    Enjoy your weekend,


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