Sunday, April 2, 2017

Heading to Nashville

most of you will think of country music headquarters when thinking of Nashville, Tennessee,
however, I'm thinking Vanderbilt University...

where I'll be headed to take a 3-day Seminar.

be back in Houston on Thursday, and unless I post from my phone this post will be 
my place holder until then.

we are SOLD OUT OF THE JEWELRY recently featured...

but, as soon as I return there will be lots more of the

on handbags, jewelry, scarves
which have been resting in storage for awhile, all brand new, never before seen by

& once I return I will be a full-time stylist for
WORTH New York Apparel

we have a permanent showroom in Houston about 2 minutes from the Galleria
and 3 minutes from my home, so it will be very convenient for both the clients & myself.

every style is represented in the showroom from both Spring & Summer,
once you order the apparel is shipped out to you the next business day from the 
WORTH warehouse.



Karen T. said...

Have fun at your seminar! I love Nashville. If you have the time, explore Franklin, TN. Maybe even Brentwood, too.

Dewena said...

I hope Nashville is good to you! It was terribly windy here today but maybe will be gone tomorrow, otherwise you might float away like Mary Poppins. Drive around in Belle Meade, our prettiest yards and houses are there, especially this spring. The campus will be gorgeous too.