Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paper Dolls

OMG, who among us will admit to remembering paper dolls ?

My grandmother, whom I called Mom-Mom, had
the most amazing collection of artifacts from
her childhood, and since she had 5 sisters there was a huge collection of vintage paper dolls, 
all passed on to my as the 1st girl grandchild.

putting outfits together on POLYVORE reminds me so much
of paper dolls.
you see, even as a 6-10 year old I was into fashion big time.

if you haven't played around on Polyvore, it's simply drag & drop fashion onto your own board, 
and you've gotta do it.
it's like coloring...once you begin you must finish.

& now tell me what you think of my outfit today

Wearing to a Poolside Fashion Show by splenderosa on Polyvore featuring Dolce&Gabbana, J Brand, Valentino, Erickson Beamon and Mallary Marks:

& stay tuned

coming up on the blog

my seasonal travel adventures for everyone's bucket lists


the Pacific Northwest, 
including Victoria & onward up into the mountains...

this time I'm going to talk about what to take with you on each of these adventures

there's probably no one better qualified to give you 
right from a professional's trick bag & from my lifestyle as the wife of one of the
most worldly wise men around.

this is something you will learn on your own 
if you travel as much as I have & made
ALL the mistakes I've made.

so, like I said, keep coming back for more

this time I'm doing installments,
there'll be a 4 day discussion of Italy

a 3 day discussion of the Pacific NW

love to all