Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Macarons, Wine, Jewelry

OMG, this is SO me !

I love red wines, 
and I absolutely do not think 
she's wearing too much jewelry !

next Tuesday, Sept 6th
debuting a new international blog party


gotta be here to see what & who


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Come Friday night....

dinner in Seattle at Cutter's


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Monday, August 29, 2011

60's Revisited

Claudia Schiffer, Vogue Spain September '11
doesn't she look an awfully lot like Brigitte ?

 Interview Magazine, September
Michael Kors outfit
art photography evoking the 60's

Burberry Prorsum Campaign Fall 2011
exactly like the 60's

H&M Fall 2011
60's again

Jean, the 60's

isn't this the most typical photo of our 60's?
poodle & all


Glamour Girl from the 60's

George Peppard & Audrey

" By Invitation Only"

an international blog party
debuting next Tuesday, September 6th,
please join us

new jewelry posted on Page 2,
click just under my header to take a peek,
let me know if you like what you see.


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What I See For Fall....

for me, that is

Michael Kors
black body suit, long skirt,
leather hip belt...

Bruno Cuchinelli
many layers, many lengths

Alexander Wang
I think I would add a angled belt to this outfit,
& definitely PEARLS...

The Row
Mary Kate & Ashley
knocked out outfit, imagine with draping necklaces...

Ralph Rucci
ultra suede V-Neck tunic

Bruno Cuchinelli

Donna Karan

Marc Jacobs
I was shopping over the weekend, and bought a
handbag similar to this one, knowing I could use it
all season & maybe for years, & it would still look great.

Elizabeth & James
(another Mary Kate & Ashley line)
perfect shoe
comes in black too
(I cannot see spending $1000 for a pair of shoes. Sorry)

I guess one can tell by now I am a lover of the longer skirts.

"By Invitation Only"
international blog party debuts
September 6th
please join all of us right here.

New Jewelry Designs
on Page 2, which you will find just under my header,
if you have time to look.

I am designing a new collection, all of which
will be posted here as soon as my son photographs them.
I've been very focused on creating a fashionable collection
in a very reasonable (read: low) price range.

While shopping this weekend, I had a challenge from a girlfriend
to put an outfit together, and it had to come from Target.
Know what?
I did.
And, it looks wonderful.
just saying.....


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Bit of Fun....

new value-conscious jewelry on Page 2,
click just under the header for a little peek....

Coming September 6th

"By Invitation Only"

an international party


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love This...

wouldn't it be wonderful to have this ?
extra storage underneath...
lovely seating for people & doggies...
big windows expanding the space even more,
overlooking flowering plants, maybe a little fountain...

a large bountiful table,
big open kitchen area...

'nuff said...

 new Fall/Evening jewelry on page 2,
 click under the header


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unfinished or Not ?

lovely pic of Anuska from My Face Hunter

styled to the max for Fall

but, me the look is unfinished...

do you think I'm thinking the  "old"  way?

even though thinking "old" would be a curse, I couldn't bear it...

for Anuska, the sleek, polished look is only one step away...

by adding stockings, 
hosiery of some new type with a little tiny pattern,
or even over-the-knee socks, 
sheer or opaque,

filling the gap between hem & bootie.

then it is finished.

isn't that a nice word?
do you think that's what is meant by 
"finishing" school?
or the wine has a nice "finish"

new jewelry just posted 
on Page 2
which you will find by clicking just under my header


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drama in Small Spaces

I really love all these spaces.
The jewel-toned deep colors especially.
And yet, to me, the boldness is what makes them so appealing.

Above, notice the reflection of the chandelier in the mirror, 
another bold statement

Any of these spaces could be in a condominium 
or a 1st home,
But don't they look opulent and beautiful?
Pulled together with larger-than-life details.

looks like the inside of a jewel box, doesn't it?

tell me, would you decorate this way?

new jewelry added to Page 2, click just under the header to view,
 & if you could let me know what you think, I would really appreciate
your input.   


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Fall Wardrobe Essentials - Tuxedo Pants

Look perfect, 
no matter where or what....

FNO Style Setter: Fall Wardrobe Essentials - Tuxedo Pants

Moschino sheer long sleeve shirt
$895 -

Stella McCartney twill jacket
£1,175 -

Zara leather shoes
$20 -

Jimmy Choo leopard print handbag
$1,350 -