Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perfume Bottles & Vanity Tops

I came across this lovely photo,

& it started me thinking about my vanity and those of my friends,
especially perfume bottles

so, like these I mean, on lovely trays, etc. in someone's home

& it seems everyone I know has a little collection
& all of us agree it makes us happy to see the sparkling bottles

then, we discussed how nice it is to just window shop, especially in
where nice fragrances begin (mostly)

Guerlain of Paris Window

Nina Ricci L'air du Temps with their famous Lalique Birds
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

someone has taken old bottles with faceted crystal stoppers
and embellished them like this
beautifully creative
and so so girly, isn't it?
when I figure out who this is I'll post it for you

My all-time favorite fragrance is Cartier "So Pretty"
no matter where I go people stop me and comment on how
nice it is...especially the gentlemen.

  • Cartier " So Pretty " ///  Naughty And Nice

    A couple of months ago I was wearing So Pretty as my scent of the day when my husband made the observation this Cartier perfume might be the most feminine scent I own.

     But So Pretty is more than just a pretty little thing.
    So Pretty is one of the most aptly named perfumes you will find.

  • It belongs in the same category with Annick Goutal Grand Amour and Guerlain Chamade. They are all beautifully and seamlessly blended, not relying too heavily on any of the floral notes as to make it too obvious, smelling rich, sophisticated and drying down into a smooth base that has not even a hint of gourmand leanings.
    It's not that Chamade, Grand Amour and So Pretty smell similar.

    But something about them calls to mind a certain type of
    femininity and elegance which is why I, and so many women, love it... 

    According to the Cartier web site, the three foundations of So Pretty are rose, iris and sandalwood. Others also mention fruit and orchid, and I definitely smell both. In The Guide, Tania Sanchez calls it 'a blackcurrant chypre' and compares it to Mitsouko. I think she's got it right, and So Pretty does have that classic feel, even if it's not your ass-kicking oakmoss chypre.

    What I love about So Pretty is how well it manages to be intoxicating without any of the issues I often have with rose-heavy scents. The iris is ethereal, not earthy, the wood more balsamic than creamy, and there's some unexpected backbone to the drydown.

    It's a lady, but she has a past.

    The parfum, which has impressive sillage, and
    easily stays on my skin for more than 12 hours.
    My first bottle from around 2001 was a gift.  I've bought it ever since. 
I guess one can never go wrong with anything from Cartier......

so, ladies, do you have a favorite fragrance?  if so...tell us which one

now for a small commercial on my jewelry

SPLENDEROSA's Faceted Citrine Briolettes
with Faceted Tourmaline Pears

we are working on a new collection to take to
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
where many cruise ships dock every week.
I'll post some of this new work when we get it photographed.

just me, Marsha