Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beautiful Spring

Rochas, I love the flowers at the waist,
and absolutely hate those shoes & socks.
The combination of color, not matchy-matchy, seems
so much more fashion-forward, doesn't it?

some little earrings maybe?
Luca Luca
Fluffy, Sweet, Feminine & Fabulous

& these beautiful gold & turquoise earrings

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 10
her hair ornaments are very whimsical, but I would wear them, &
I would add turquoise leggings to this outfit
(sorry to say, I'm too old to wear a dress this short, dammit).

& I would put the same turquoise earrings with this outfit
DVF has made a huge statement with her bangles

& BTW, love the shoes.

Again, DVF, same earrings again for just a touch of color
near your face
& who doesn't look fabulous wearing turquoise?
No one.

& this is more beautiful then any of the outfits,
spring at the Marin Art & Garden Center
(Photo by Abe Weinfeld)


  1. I would love to sit down on that bench in that beautiful yellow dress with my love a nice summer afternoon! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a perfect way to get into the spring moof. i just love the dresses...but agree with you on the shoes and socks...please do not ruin a perfect dress! thanks for visiting the is so appreciated..
    Hope you have a sunny colorful week end. francine

  3. Francine, thank goodness you agree with me on the shoes/socks, otherwise people would think I just don't "get it." XX's Marsha

  4. i adore turquoise and gold.

    i always have .
    i designed a pair of earrings -
    gold, turquoise and diamonds.
    they are simple but fabulous.

  5. Thank you for visiting me and live your comment...I like.Your blog is gorgeus I will visit you too.
    Have a nice next week,

  6. Looking forward to Spring being here. It's really too cold in Kansas today for beast or man.
    Lovely photo of this Garden Center.
    Take care,


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