Sunday, February 28, 2010

Internet Dating, My New Book?

I have been thinking of writing a little book about some of my experiences
in the catagory of Women Over-50 in the Internet Dating intention
is for this to be hilariously funny as my impressions were so far from reality.
After much thought, I've decided to share a snippet or two with my blogging buddies 
(& showing so much of myself is scary for me,
especially when I fully realize how intelligent you are)  
to see what you think of the idea and kinda-sorta show you the intro
to what shall surely be a huge endeavor.
Below is a sample of the beginning and because ALL of this is so new
to me I would appreciate your comments
about whether or not to actually continue with this thought process
 and just go ahead and write the book.

Do you think anyone other then me & my girlfriends
(who've read 3-4 chapters with much encouragement)
would be interested?

following is the beginning....

How All of This Started

I had spent the entire afternoon getting "dressed" for this party,
the perfect outfit, shoes, handbag, and definitely jewelry. It's not even
about getting dressed so everyone will look.  It's my own requirement of myself.
Gotta be the best, gotta be perfect.
A trip to the hairdresser early in the day, then a quick touch-up
manicure & pedicure. 

I knew I would see many people I knew and felt
completely comfortable going on my own without an escort.

Hours later, I'm thinking, well here I am, alone, at another hopeless, pointless,
boring social function, surrounded by young, beautiful girls in slip dresses,

wondering why I had bothered coming.
I'm certainly one of the most elegant women in the room,
but am well aware of my advancing age. Don't misunderstand,
I look OK, hair, nails, makeup, polished & shined, with
fabulous apparel...but no longer young.

I mean, I'm not my daughter, who is young.

Oh yes, I knew almost everyone...
all the couples, all the gay guys, and all the over-the-hill
professional bachelors. After all, I was born in this city and
hardly left my own zip code, except to shop, attend parties, luncheons, teas,
weddings, showers, and 3-4 nights a week of dining out, after keeping
appointments for hairdressers, mani/pedi's, facials & of course, doctors
to keep me abreast of the latest techniques.

And, yes, the most beautiful of the girls is one of my best friends.
She's 37, blonde, drop dead gorgeous and named Amanda, of course.

As I was leaving she said she would call me when she came back from Vegas.
Oh, right ! She's having all the fun, isn't she?

While we awaited the valet attendent with our cars, I said,
Amanda, how do you do this?

She said "" honey-bunny!
You need to sign up right away! But, you go to the one called
TYCOON MATCH.COM, it's for older, wealthy people, just like you."

She continued by saying this is how she travelled to all the hot spots,
was photographed in New York, Los Angeles, South Beach, St. Barts,
and Houston, our hometown.

My God, this girl even borrowed MY hat to wear to the Kentucky Derby
and it was SHE who was pictured in the Louisville newspaper
at all the A-List parties, while I watched the race on TV.

Wow, right then Amanda gave me the answer to all my problems, didn't she?
How to find a wonderful man, one who could be anywhere...
it didn't matter to me as I could certainly relocate.

Simple: Just log on and sign up.


Chapter 2, tomorrow, if I receive enough emails to justify telling this little story? maybe possibly you could tell all your blogging friends to check-in on this too; i mean i need to earn a living, ladies,
starting ASAP.
Please forgive the punctuation & editing errors. I'm telling a little story, we can fine-tune it later, right? 


Francine Gardner said...

YES, DO GO AHEAD AND WRITE THE BOOK.....i hosted my best friend wedding at my house and will you guess how she met her husband.....on line of course. On a snowy day, my younger son who could not bear any longer to listen to my friend complaints about how hard it is to find the right man suggested a dating site. It was a kind of a joke at the time, she being the ultimate New yorker having to resort to on line dating....well the joke was on us and she found the most wonderful man.
Thank you for reading the story on Burma. A lot of people especially in the country live on very little, they grow food, do humble jobs, barter...a very hard harsh life.

Juls~ said...

Oh! I think that your book would capture a lot of interest! Have you started working on your outline? Your gonna need a great editor too! Plan, plan, plan!


Can't wait to hear all your fun social party stories!