Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part 2, Internet Dating

Did I say "Simple, just log on and sign up?"

image courtesy of FiFi Flowers

Was I wrong !

Fill out all the questionnaires,
write a profile about myself
and tell everyone what and who I'm looking for in a relationship.

But, THEN, there were the photographs
which must be posted in order for your membership to become "live" and active.
My gosh, what photographs could I possibly
show on the internet?

 Only ones with other people in them,
of course, because someone I know might see them,
and then they would know I was on a matching service.
Not acceptable.
So the filtering through boxes, bins, crates of photographs
taken over years of party-going,
with different husbands, different dates,
and the most awful thing of all....different dress sizes.

Well, I'm glamourous enough, I'm thinking,
only the smiles will come shining through.

So the uploading process began.

I thought it would be very funny if I showed a photo of my closet,
as I am a very organized and tidy person,
and had stated that it would be a deal-breaker for me if a man was sloppy or untidy.
A photo of a perfectly organized closet would certainly point this out.
A closet full of designer clothes, racked up by color, shoes for every occasion,
again all organized by color.
This, to me, is just normal. I've worked in very high-end fashion retail
all my life so the way my closet was arranged was sort of a boutique-like style.
It pleased me to walk into the room.
Oh, yes, some of the clothes had been hanging for years, unworn
...but because they are simply too beautiful to be put aside,
I keep them, even if just for the visuals.

I agonized over writing the required "Profile of Myself."
What is it that a man wants?
Especially a man who is old enough to be suitable for me?
What on earth to focas on.
I mean do we focus on fun, personality, gourmet cooking,
travelling, age, body configurations, finances, desires, what?
This is and was a whole new world for me.
Describing myself on the internet was quite a daunting task.
WHO would be reading this?

Meeting someone casually at a party or restaurant already gives you a head start,
you see each other, you can feel each other out...
and you know very soon if you are interested.
Internet, world-wide access, just about freaked me out.

My privacy would be invaded,
unknown people looking at my personal photographs.
Good grief!

After agonizing over all this for a few days,
I was finally set to launch.
I sat back and awaited "pings" from my email telling me my hero
had found me in the vast hay-stack of the internet on this
 magical match-making service.

to be continued....

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Juls~ said...


Okay! Now, I havta see photos of your closet for inspiration!!! I'm a seasonal closet organizer. Which means that if I can out of clothing or shoes 3 times a day, they get tossed on the floor of my closet. But a few times a year, I organize my clothing by type & color order. Light to dark. The shoes - problemo. My closet, SMALL!

I designed THE MOST beautiful closet for one of my clients on a design/build. Top architect and builder in Dallas. Didn't complete the build BUT I do have the sketches! I designed in a glass armoire section and another area for her to lock gifts in. The Bachelors Bureau centered in *his* area was really nice! Perhaps I will post these sketches on Tres Joli!

If I was made of money, oh! the fabulous things I could do!!!

The Internet dating thing -- love is complicated, lifestyle, emotional & spiritual beliefs are all so important in finding the right man. I read that couples who had been married 30 yrs and still claimed to be madly in love had brain scans done. When their spouse entered the room, their brains turned red like a person on Cocaine!! Love is an addiction! Chemistry is real! So, I vote to have a brain scan of the man you date prior to getting remarried or in a serious relationship! ;)