Friday, March 26, 2010

My 1st PINK Saturday

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In a land of enchantment, not too far away,
lived this lovely young woman, Chantelle, who had always
seen life through rose-colored glasses

Well, one couldn't blame her as her grandmother, Mom-Mom, who was
exactly like Auntie Mame, was responsible for teaching
Chantelle about the refinements of life.

Chantelle's 1st bracelet, made of pink art glass & Swarovski's given
to her by Mom-Mom.  Chantelle wore it every day, and each time
she made a wish, she would touch the bracelet for good luck.

you see, this is how Chantelle loved to dress from the beginning

her grandmother lived in a lovely old home, not too far away from the ocean
And everything was pink. 
No wonder Chantelle wanted to
be with her grandmother all the time.  Perfect & Pink.

So so pretty.
everywhere you looked you could see pink when at Mom-Mom's house
and she had
PINK flowers in every single room of the house.
and baskets of pink flowers everywhere,
Mom-Mom loved gardening you see.

Chantelle's 1st car was PINK, imagine.

She also had a
pink poodle, who also wore rose-colored glasses

and then there was Gertrude, the family's
perfectly beautiful PINK cow...oftentimes Mom-Mom would
let Gertrude come to the garden parties she had
because people would smile when they saw her.
Gertrude loved watercress sandwiches.

Chantelle & all her friends loved to go to the beach

they would ride their bicycles down and take a picnic basket

all the shop keepers knew Chantelle's bicycle, so it would have
been quite difficult to hide wouldn't it?  I mean a PINK car
AND a PINK bicycle?

one day Chantelle received some lovely pink gift boxes...
she was so surprised.
One by one she opened them.
Each one contained a perfect pink gift.
Sent from a young man who had caught her fancy.
She was thrilled beyond belief.  You know how girl's are.
He asked if he could take her dancing...
but she said it would be better if he came to meet her
grandmother at home, maybe they could have tea or something...

His name was Sean.  So, Sean & Chantelle...sounded nice didn't it?

Mom-Mom wore her favorite jewelry to the tea party and, of course,
her favorite PINK dress, but I won't show that.


Chantelle's new dress for the afternoon
and her grandmother gave her a new pair of earrings to mark the occasion

And, so it was, they had tea in the garden next to the pool

things went very well, her grandmother even liked Sean.
this was HUGE!

and so they planned a dinner party at Mom-Mom's pink house
and invited Chantelle's brothers & sisters, mother & father +
all the aunts & uncles, nieces, nephews.

a few photos of grandmother's house
(I know, you were afraid these were coming, weren't you??)

well, the pink dining room;
she changes out the table so that it will seat 12

and sometimes she allows younger guests to dine in this room

this room is always reserved for the gentlemen for their
 brandy after dinner

Mom-Mom loved pink and pink patterned things she couldn't
ever decide upon draperies, so she just used mix & match
and it made her very happy.

 this is, of course, where the poodle slept each night.
no one was ever allowed in this room but Chantelle
& the poodle.

& so it is ladies, that this story will be continued on our

I am having a lovely GIVEAWAY next week
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It will be a piece from my jewelry collection
known as
I'm attending an art festival this weekend as an exhibitor
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