Friday, March 26, 2010

Part 4, The Amalfi Coast - CAPRI


you arrive at Capri by either a ferry (shown above) or a hydrofoil
from Sorrento, a very short boat trip, one is seated  in what
felt like a big luxury bus on the water.

The boat docks at Marina Grande, which looks like any other small port,
and you instantly feel disappointed.  Where are all the beautiful places, I wondered.

Then you realize you must take a small funicular (rail car) UP to the main city
...the port is only for ARRIVING on the island.

Funicular arrival area

your 1st view of the magical Capri, waaaaay up the mountain

Piazza Umberto

this is a good definition of "how to dress on Capri"
in this rarified air no one is not dressed, casual elegance rules

sidewalk cafes abound, music is playing, and everyone wears
someone else's "brand" on something they carry, or appears on
their backs.  i've never seen a place where the label is so important.
and, believe me, there are NO French labels here.

Please believe me, this is how all the women dress on Capri,
no fashion disasters anywhere.
this woman is a famous cooking tv hostess,
Ms Guida De Laurentiss

This magical island is my idea of heaven
 with its charming streets covered in flowers
and studded with some of the world’s most beguiling brands.
 It takes time to savor the fragrant scent of Stephanotis,
sit in the piazza sipping a Limoncello,
and still savor the joys of fully stocked Prada, Dolce, and Malo,
not to mention Fendi, Ferragamo and a host of jewelry stores,

their windows crying out for attention.


Lindsey Lohan coming out of Prada with shopping bag


Capri is known for it's jewelled sandals, which can be
made-to-measure if you simply cannot wear stuff from DSW.
Above a sandal & jewelry store.

shot from one of the "nearly" private residential areas.
breathtaking views abound

entry into the Augustus Gardens, a must see, ladies

drag your husbands (or whatevers) or leave them in a sidewalk
cafe with a book, but you must take in the beauty of this place.

part of the Augustus gardens, so beautiful

Beautiful Fruit Table, Note the Italian Porcelain Dishes

Hotel Canasta

  • Hotel Grand Quisisana, only the best

Hotel Grand JK, the newest hotel on Capri

my son left us on our own, his soon-to-be wife, Gisele, me & Ned
so he could go exploring and find the best sites for shooting his pics.
while he was gone I found the perfect pair of Gucci shoes for him, which would
never be in the USA, and he loved them.
I didn't purchase anything for myself.  I was so very interested in the
thought that the beauty of this lovely island, which is spectacular,
isn't the reason people come to Capri.

they come to see & be seen, to shop for Italian designer labels and
be with their friends.

I must tell all my life & travels I've never seen such opulent and
expensive jewelry as I saw on Capri.  Every major Italian fine jewlery name,
you all know them, was well represented.  No Tiffany, no Cartier.

Everything on this island is completely, perfectly Italian.

One can venture up the mountain to Anacapri, a smaller, more casual
place with great views back to the mainland.  But, that day I was ready to leave
and return to the peacefulness of Sorrento.

this piece was sold long ago, but I think it would have the perfect piece
to wear for a day on Capri.

I'm going to an art festival this weekend where I'll be exhibiting my jewelry.
Once home, I'll post pics of the jewelry

have a lovely weekend, ladybugs xx's


Desde my Ventana said...

It's a most of wonderful places of ITALIA.I would like to travel in...
Have a great weekend,

joanny said...

Utterly gorgeous -- all of it --- this must of been the birth place of the "Garden of Eden" and your jewelry pieces you are featuring during this trip looks like it came from from the sea with the birth of Venus.
Love the piece you featured and yes it would have been the perfect piece to wear for a day on Capri or anywhere really.


BonjourRomance said...

More breathtaking images! Those boutique windows dripping with flowers - how can you resist? Your jewelry is gorgeous, you really do have a fine eye for detail and beauty.
Bon weekend,

Juls~ said...


Another gorgeous post dripping with beauty! Wow ... I loved reading it & the fabulous photos are amazing. Speaking of fab, the necklace you designed is spectacular {I had to think of another word other than gorgeous}!

You are so very talented!



Simone said...

Absolutely amazing Marsha....I have never been to Capri but from all I have ever heard, your photos and descriptions have captured it perfectly. I so want to visit!

Happy Week-end :)

Connie said...

Well, if I happened to visit there I would definitely be their first "fashion disaster", sweetpea! Hah.
Darling blog

meandering pearl said...

love the fruit table!!! lovely thoughts...& Happy Pink Saturday!!! your pink post is just gorgeous!!!

Tracy-Girl said...

Thank you so much for coming by my blog! I went to Capri, and oh my goodness, it was stunning. My husband and I rented a moped and drove all over that beautiful island. I love all of these pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sorrento sightseeing said...

Amalfi coast is something that I have never seen. It is narrow and is side to the cliffs. It is busy road. fortunately we got good driver, he made our tour more enjoyable and effortless. I am really happy that I got to see this hilarious, splendid, gorgeous and fascinating place.

Beautiful Fuchsia said...

Hi Marsha I fell into your site looking for fashion images of Capri. Its beautiful everything even, especially even the music. What is it the beginning music! I am a designer creating a new label inspired by 1960's Capri. I live on the cote d azur next to Italian border soon be publishing a site with my dress collection. Handpainted exclusive prints on cotton. Next year I would like to create a print inspired by your shell pearl jewells. Beautiful fuchsia made in Italia.

raregem lady said...

Just wanted to say that I loved visiting your site. Everything looks fun and fresh. Loved the jewellery. I will have to have my daughter visit this site she would love to look at the jewellery as well.