Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, 2010

The National Cathedral
Washington, DC

information for all Americans,
and a place of sanctity for which we should all be proud,
a cathedral welcoming all faiths of the world

The National Cathedral in Washington, DC is the sixth largest cathedral in the world.
Although it is the home of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington,
the National Cathedral has no local congregation and is considered to be a
house of worship honoring all faiths from around the world.
The Cathedral is known as the Washington National Cathedral,
though its actual name is the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

The National Cathedral is an impressive structure,
English Gothic in style, with exquisite architectural sculpture,
wood carving, gargoyles, mosaics, and more than 200 stained glass windows.
The top of the Gloria in Excelsis Tower, the highest point in Washington, DC
offers dramatic views of the city.

Over the years, the National Cathedral has been the host to many national memorial services
and celebrations.
Services were held here to rejoice the end of World Wars I and II.
The Cathedral was the setting for State funerals for two presidents,
Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.
 Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, George W. Bush
honored the victims of that day with a special prayer service here.

The National Cathedral offers daily services available to the public.
 Special events are held throughout the year, including organ recitals, choir performances,
annual flower mart, jazz, folk and classical concerts and more.
The National Cathedral is an especially nice place to visit during the holiday season.