Monday, May 10, 2010

Au Naturel Designer

Dan Marty's
new showroom gets earthy September, 2009 our Tartan Scot friend posted about
Dan Marty and showed us some splendid photos of his work...
since then, Dan has removed himself to a newer, high-camp,
completely & totally awesome space right on La Cienega
Maison Au Naturel No. 819

Designer and showroom owner,  Dan Marty, 
 has closed his sprawling space in the Pacific Design Center
 in favor of a smaller showroom on La Cienega Boulevard
Maison Au Naturel No. 819.

Marty says that name change reflects his shift toward
“more earthiness in design,”
such as his growing collection of vegetable-dyed hemp throw pillows,
 sea grass rugs and shell-encrusted mirrors.

Even hay bales are used to delineate different areas of the shop.

Marty was one of the first
to use French grain sacks as upholstery fabric.
It's a much copied look, so he's now busy trying out new ideas.
The latest involves using subway scroll fabric for pillows and lamp shades.
They've just arrived in the store.  

Au Naturel upholstered pieces aren’t cheap:
Linen-covered chairs and sofas run $1,000 to $3,000.

 Imported tableware.

 This shop embodies French rustic style.
Mr. Marty has always had a flair for rustic finishes,
aged materials and the lived in look.

His newest venture takes you on a voyage to the great
Parisian Flea markets without leaving home.

The look is pared down French, without a lot of decorative
 flourishes and clean lines. With furniture upholstered in natural linens,
 grain sack cloth pillows, and antique objects it all
comes together in a comfortable, easy lifestyle story.
 Far off finds include vintage trunks, and industrial steel tables.
One thing is for sure, you won't be bored. 

And a new line of glass domes set atop antique cogs, pictured here,
they’re a cool twist on bell jars
go for around $250.

  Pillows in Marty's new store start at less than $200.

 A local artist takes brass instrument mouthpieces
and adds a marching band music-holding clip.
The pieces, called "Toot Your Own Horn,"
are intended to hold cherished postcards,
photos or place cards. Price: $90.


I would love to have this room as a studio

 If you find yourself in the neighborhood,
be sure to stop in, even for a quick visit.

Once inside it's like being transported
to a chic, but charming, estate where everything is just right.
You'll find two floors of inspirational interiors and gorgeous accessories...
even getting up the old wooden stairs that creak beneath your
feet to the second floor lends a certain sense of romance to being there.

Why, you ask, would a fashionista go to an interior designer's den?
For me, it was my son's discovery...he's a person who prefers
everything "natural."    
For me,
not too far away from my favorite store on Earth.
in West Hollywood
Simply the most deluxe of the luxe boutiques, it
has designer apparel and items you will not find anywhere else. 
A family-owned business, the atmosphere is dark woods, sleek chrome fixtures
but not a hint of "Ralph Lauren" appears.
You can celebrity-watch on any day of the week.
 Oh, but that's another post, isn't it?