Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Match WHAT??

Those of you who have been following along
already know every Wednesday precious
Catherine @ The Shiny Pebble

has her dining room
virtually redone by a different splendid
interior designer...

& I participate in this lovely whimsical event
by choosing Catherine's outfit & accessories
to go with each dining room's decor.

except this morning I received like 2 color samples
pale aqua and pale gold

nothing more.....
so, never being intimidated from lack of information

I plunged

right in and made this selection

this divine
little Marc Jacobs outfit, perfect for at-home entertaining

(the handbag & shoes had to go, didn't they?)

this is the little tiny sample I received + some paint colors
because, you know, everyone runs right up against a


with the slippery silk satin feel of the fabric
I loved these big nuggets of turquoise, simple & earthy

wonderful silver cuff bracelets

& these dainty but large dangling
filigree earrings in a matte-finish

& I thought this shoe was perfect
as well as comfortable

some other choices which would definitely work...

You will see The Shiny Pebble icon on my sidebar to visit Catherine
for a complete description of her virtually redone dining room

created by

Amy Forshew
Pemberley Style


this weekly design challenge for all of us is a
wonderfully satisfying adventure...
keeping me certain that I'm not falling too far behind
in the never-ending always-changing world of
fashion, style & hippy chic...
all passions of mine.
I appreciate Catherine's asking me to participate
and hope the interior designers understand what a special treat
for me to see their work, all of which is dynamic and interesting.
As we already know, there is no definition of perfect, and
everyone has a different perspective.
Thank you, again, Catherine.
And, this week, thank you, Amy.
Good job !!



Loved the colour co-ordination, very impressive.


The Shiny Pebble said...

Thank you Marsha for another fabulous design, based on so little information. I am in love with so many of the necklaces you presented. Specially the multiple strands of turquoise. They took my breath away.

The Zhush said...

That was my favorite piece to date! I just love turquoise...especially in the warmer months...perfect!

Paris Pastry said...

The necklaces are so stunning! I adore turquoise jewelry!

Punctuation Mark said...

great necklaces... my fave is the crystal one with turquoise!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I Love turgouise stones amazinly much and the juwelry are totally fabulous,my dear Marsha!-)*



Oh this is wonderful! One of my favorite colors. I adore the crystal one.

Hope you're having a wonderful week! xoxo