Thursday, May 20, 2010

Street Style & Sak's

the perfect white shirt
which can be worn multiple ways,
as a blouse, a jacket, a cover-up

 & with it some rocking piece of jewelry

this darling girl in Paris, Pandora,
she musta bought several pairs of that hosiery

and this from Stockholm

I love the way she layered all this together,
she looks fabulous...
in Texas this outfit would only work in the deepest, coldest part
I've always had an almost overwhelming desire to move to
Do you think it has anyting to do with apparel-wearing? 
I mean, you could probably wear this in Canada or Seattle right now,
maybe?   Or London?.

the devil made me do it...
but you just had to see this Gucci dress...
 nothing short of perfect for the girls who have
the figure and height to carry it off...

but, please please please, no chunky monkey shoes...
just something light, airy & bare or
even a simple platform pump..

this just in...when attending State Dinners at the White House
one should understand clearly there is a difference between
White or Black Tie Dinner Dressing

and Ball Ball Gowns please
courtesy of

fashion advice dispensed freely and free

love to you guys,
just me
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