Friday, May 21, 2010

A Party Coming Up

Well, you know from reading our
Pink Saturday
posts how Mom-Mom et al

do so love parties...
both giving parties & going to parties.

That precious Beverly is having a party next
Pink Saturday as her blog is 2 years old...

see Pink Saturday button at bottom of post to visit her & other PS ladies

The girls had already decided upon this beautiful
Steuben Rose Quartz Vintage Vase
as Beverly's gift

because Beverly grows such lovely roses in her garden.

The girls had been talking about the party earlier in the week,
when having lunch at the club, what they would wear,
and what kind of party they would be attending..

they didn't know if the party had a theme, and were
just thinking to be completely current, the party could be

like Twilight

Sex & The City

who wouldn't love those carnation balls with orchids popped in?
just precious.

or maybe she would do this divine roses with crystals
hanging from the trees, just so pretty
and she already has the white roses!

And, what table favors?

are these not just delightful?

Mom-Mom had already spoken with Coty Farquhar,
who is one of her best friends...

you know Coty, who lives in Australia &
does those fabulous styling events and now she has an


where one can actually purchase her lovely note cards
and photographs of her beautiful flower arrangements... 

this is the usual bouquet she makes for Mom-Mom,
well that's not exactly right...nothing Coty does is "usual"

but Coty and her darling daughter, Bec, have gone off on a tiny
vacation & Mom-Mom would just have to
settle for something else found locally to be sent to Beverly.

Mom-Mom, herself, makes these excellent little hors d'oevres

grilled arparagus wrapped with prochuitto & mint,
to be served chilled...
the hostess might like a huge tray
sent over the afternoon of the party,
and they were both "green" and "organic" and home-made.
These days one simply cannot buy pre-made.

But, the real problem is that none of the girls had chosen
an outfit to wear....

well, then they had 1 week left, didn't they?

they would just call Victoria,

she was probably going to be at the party anyway.



Everything about this post was wonderful.

Enjoy your week-end.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

You weave such fabulous stories! I am always caught up in the web of it all!
Love it all- if only I could have 1/10 of your sense of style!
Happy Pink Saturday, and love,

La Petite Gallery said...

OH Shucks, I want to come, the place settings w/photo's are great, Hummmm roses from the tree
how devine, the food looks scrumptious..


Trouvais said...

The dangling crystals and roses are inspired! Makes me long for dinner parties on warm summer evenings...might have to try that. Merci! Have a wonderful weekend! Trish

Kristin said...

Oh, what a great post!! Loved the sex and the city theme! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Kristin xxx

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy PiNk, Marsha...

Yes, indeed...a party is approaching in a hurry...what will I wear?..oh my! I guess I'll have to wear one of my vintage hats for the occasion, right?! :-)

We love Beverly so much..I'm sure it's going to be standing room only! The rose faeries are busy as we speak preparing lovelies for decorating....and no shortage on them with what Beverly has blooming in her yard right now.

Have a lovely day, Marsha

Stephanie ♥

Bringing Pretty Back said...

That top pink bracelet is STUNNING!
Have a pretty day!

Desde my ventana said...

Beautiful post Marsha I love it

Lisa said...

I have so enjoyed having my coffeee with you this glorious morning. I appreciate your kind comment at TLPC and I have to say you are an absolute Fab Over 50! Your blog is fantastic!
The music, the interesting stories (i am still such a t-shirt gal), your sophisticated grace, and you too love Coty! She is the most fabulous, warm & kind spirited woman. We chat on the phone about our daughters all the time like next door neighbors.
Marsha, I so look forward to visiting with you often. I am adding you to my list of new friends at TLPC. xo