Saturday, June 19, 2010

In The PINK...2

I love orchids.  Not cut stems, the actual plant with blooms.
They are actually so easy to take care of & they last almost forever.
One of my girlfriends actually has them reblooming within the year.
My kitchen is the best place for them. 
Just pop them into a big bowl container, covered with moss &
mist the stalks a couple times a day. 
You can add cut roses in tiny vases at the bottom, bunched
tightly into clumps of a color,
& spread the moss around the vases. This changes the
look of the arrangement, so it's ever-changing & you never
get tired of it.
 Often I've had orchids last 3 months blooming away.
For this reason they are not expensive...I just amortize the cost. 

which one do you like?
& why?