Friday, July 23, 2010

Soft Pink & Tuscany

Old wall in Italy...

while this is not the post I had planned...
if you click on the link below you will see a slide show of a beautiful villa
in Tuscany which is available for rent...
please take the time to look & notice all the details,
you will not be disappointed...

La Colombaia is by far one of the most beautiful and elegant
houses in Chianti, situated near Florence in Tuscany, Italy.
An exclusive villa, it comes complete with a tennis court, swimming pool, and staff.
This Italian villa is the place to relax in private and in comfort in Tuscany
and the villa is a great place to explore Italy,
Italian wine, and the Tuscan countryside.


Oh, & I've been meaning to fill you in...

Mom-Mom, Chantelle, Sean & Chelsea are in Cannes,
usually for the entire month of July when all the best parties are thrown...
their stay will be shortened this year as they will return for that other
Chelsea's wedding in upstate New York (they are not Democrats, but they all
adore Bill)...naturally, their outfits for all the festivities are coming
from Oscar de la Renta (who else?). Chantelle's father is coming too,
which is completely unheard of...he rented a small farm an entire year ago
for the simply nothing else would accommodate the luggage.
Mom-Mom is just beside herself as Hillary guaranteed she would be seated next
to Sean Connery (I cannot imagine a flustered Mom-Mom, but it's SEAN).
They have promised, promised to send photos.
The grand group will return to our scene after Labor Day,
it's holiday time after all.

Ciao bellas

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