Tuesday, August 17, 2010

His Touch is Gold

Ralph Lauren Can't Secure Reservations for Friends at His Paris Restaurant


 Is more restauranting in Ralph Lauren's future?
He opened a 13,000-square-foot store on the Boulevard St. Germain in Paris
 this past April, complete with his first European restaurant, Ralph's,
 which currently has a four-week wait to get a reservation.
 Not even Ralph himself can secure a reseration  for friends,
 he tells Harper's  BAZAAR.
Go here to read:

"I read about 20 reviews, and they sound like my mother wrote them.
It's sort of shocking, and in Paris of all places.
Vera Wang called me — she was going to invite 10 people out to dinner
 — but even I couldn't get her in."


Or perhaps he'll move from restaurants to another revenue stream:
"I love creating something and doing more things and coming up with a new concept.
I love the challenge of new ideas. I like hitting different markets.
 I love the young market.
 I don't like designing dresses, but I like designing concepts, stores.
I like to open restaurants. I think I'd probably like to do a hotel.
I'd like to do a movie.
I don't know if I'll ever do them all, but maybe a few."

Well, ladies, maybe we can get some of our blogging friends who live
in France to tell us what it's like?
Would you go if you were in Paris?
I would, IF I could get a reservation...

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