Tuesday, August 17, 2010

His Touch is Gold

Ralph Lauren Can't Secure Reservations for Friends at His Paris Restaurant


 Is more restauranting in Ralph Lauren's future?
He opened a 13,000-square-foot store on the Boulevard St. Germain in Paris
 this past April, complete with his first European restaurant, Ralph's,
 which currently has a four-week wait to get a reservation.
 Not even Ralph himself can secure a reseration  for friends,
 he tells Harper's  BAZAAR.
Go here to read:

"I read about 20 reviews, and they sound like my mother wrote them.
It's sort of shocking, and in Paris of all places.
Vera Wang called me — she was going to invite 10 people out to dinner
 — but even I couldn't get her in."


Or perhaps he'll move from restaurants to another revenue stream:
"I love creating something and doing more things and coming up with a new concept.
I love the challenge of new ideas. I like hitting different markets.
 I love the young market.
 I don't like designing dresses, but I like designing concepts, stores.
I like to open restaurants. I think I'd probably like to do a hotel.
I'd like to do a movie.
I don't know if I'll ever do them all, but maybe a few."

Well, ladies, maybe we can get some of our blogging friends who live
in France to tell us what it's like?
Would you go if you were in Paris?
I would, IF I could get a reservation...

I will be on holiday for awhile, but will be guest posting
over at the beautiful & talented Simone's blog
Bottom of the Ironing Basket
August 22 & 23

There will be a GIVEAWAY posted on her blog
on the 23rd open to any of my now or future followers.
Her icon is on my sidebar.
It is a piece of jewelry which can be a necklace
or a belt, very eco-friendly, completely organic,
and made in the USA


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Ralph Lauren...Paris, France=giddy, crazy, LOVE!

Off to check it out, bet it's perfectly casual & beautiful!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Indeed Marsha, if we could be so lucky to get a reservation. I would go, I dare say the man does everything right. Hope you are having a grand week my dear thus far? Hugs to you xx

Entertaining Women said...

Haven't been to NYC in a long time, but even on trips where time in the city will be brief, my 1st priority is always a trip to RL's flagship store. Just magnificent! Cherry Kay

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Marsha!-)*
Ralph Lauren...This is true,hi is indeed a very,very,very talented and happy man...

I go in the end of september together with my friends to Paris:-)))And...how know!!!

Hope is alles ok with you little angel Archer and with you too,my dear,dear friend!-)*

Come by me and look at my last creations in the new fashion event!


Warm august hugs for you,

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Wow! Love, love love Ralph Lauren - will have to make it to his restaurant ONE of these days:) Merci for sharing this fabulous info!

Kristin said...

I would definitely go!! What a charming place with such a french atmosphere!!Have a beautiful day, Splenderosa! xoxo

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Really wonderful,


The Zhush said...

I saw the article in Bazaar...I adore this man! And Ricky, and Dylan...the whole family! He has a house not far from here...and every once in a while we spot him out and about...and sometimes in HIS own retail shop in New Canaan, Ct...keeping an eye on things! :)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Marsha, you are so right, everything Ralph does has taste. We're off to Paris in October for Giles' debut show for Ungaro. Maybe if we book a table now? hope you're good xx

Deanna said...


If I were in the neighborhood...I'd for sure go. Why not.

August blessings to you,

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Marsha
Well Ralph is the man.. everything he does turns to gold for sure!!! I wish I could have even a fraction of his talent!!

Hope you have a fab week xxx Julie

Sandra said...

Ralph and I have one thing in common...our cook stoves. He and I have the only two the dealer knows of; Ralph's is in CO and mine is here at Thistle Cove Farm. Wonder if he's ever cooked on his?

Nuit said...

oh Marsha how exciting!! have a ton of FUN!!! xoxxxx

La Petite Gallery said...

He knows what will sell. Must have some very talented people working with him. Great company. If you go take me along..lol.

Is that sketch of the building FIFI"S??

Lila said...

I read that article and was totally impressed that he chose American food. He so widely talented. What a guy! Enjoy your holiday!
Lila Ferraro

joanny said...


Yes, I would go, it is Paris, we would have a wonderful time. Some people just come into this world with a mindset that doesn't give up, and always creating. Ah, wish I was one of them, sigh!


Holly said...

If I could get a reservation I would go in an instant. I would love to go back to Paris.

I got my bags today - they are awesome! THANK YOU!

Pemberley said...

RL does have the midas touch. I think being surrounded by fabulous creative people helps too. If in Paris I would take a peak and yes have a meal if I could get in.

Kristin said...

Have a BEAUTIFUL holiday, Marsha!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

I sent you a comment the other day???
Well I enjoyed the post. Would love to go there.


Catarina said...

oi adorei o seu blog, é ótimo
da uma passadinha la no meu,e se gostar segue

Se quiser podemos fazer parceria entres nossos blogs. Se estiver interessada é só responder lá, comentando!


Catarina said...

oi adorei o seu blog, é ótimo
da uma passadinha la no meu,e se gostar segue

Se quiser podemos fazer parceria entres nossos blogs. Se estiver interessada é só responder lá, comentando!


Charlotta Ward said...

Love RL - not a huge representation here in Australia but I can get my fix.
The restaurant looks great. Would love to sit there right now, holding a glass of cool white wine, chatting to you. xx

Hoping you are well.

Will hop over to Simone's and see your guest post.

xx C

Hamptontoes said...

Ralph Lauren exudes sophistication. I adore his fashions, his interior offerings (his showroom in the D & D is one of my favorites) and his classy way of living life.

C.J. said...

Well hello! I certainly would go. Enjoy your time "off".

Loui♥ said...

Hi Marsha..
Love Ralph Lauren.. always have..
always will!
If I could get into his restaurant,
I most certainly would!!!
am a follower of your beautiful blog!
and I love that necklace!
Topaz is my birthstone..
and Turkey is one of my most favorite places to visit!
so make the necklace MINE!
warm sandy hugs.

Renee Finberg said...

on holiday???

will you be in my neck of the woods?

xxx be safe my love

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hi,my dear,dear Marsha!

Just popped by wishing you calming,wonderful last summer days...


Taj Acosta said...

Wow what a glamorous place to dine my friend!! hugs

Fer said...

Dear Splendorosa, it's been a long time... how are you? I post a beautiful PINK WEDDING and as usual I thought of you, check it out.



Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello, Oh! What a wonderful treat to stumble upon your enchanting blog and Ralph Lauren my very favourite designer forever! I visited NYC for my honeymoon and the first place I wanted to go was
Rhinelander Mansions....what an experience..superb!
I've listened ALL afternoon to the lovely- lovely music playing on your blog I've loved LOVED every second! I'll be back often, thank you SO much.


Punctuation Mark said...

he is a true master of design and only one like him can stay in such a difficult business for so long!