Sunday, October 10, 2010

Butterfly Party

it always started with this,
one wondered each year if one would be kept on
THE list...

& when the simple invitation arrived, one started worrying &
wondering what one could possibly WEAR...

the party was always in this room, in this place...
& it was called the "Butterfly"... you can imagine why...

every year it is the most fun, beautiful party on earth, attendance is
limited to the size of the room, and each year our hostess
eliminates people & adds people...
all I know is that this year Paris Hilton won't be attending...

the pre & post cocktail hour held here, with entertainment,
 food & beverages changing with each event
this is NOT a black-tie party (makes it easier for the men),
but the women want to glitter, sparkle & shine.

the village promanade


 customary attire,
even for non-atheletic types

the venue

now for the difficult part
...what to wear?
thank goodness for Polyvore,  my new favorite computer game.

every woman loves to shop, right, but only when she can find
outfits that actually WORK for her.

After many man-hours struggling with thoughts of
cocktail dresses, a sleek long gown with tons of feathers wrapped
around my shoulders,
this is the one outfit I deemed PERFECT

I'm still awaiting word from Daphne on her thoughts,
but we usually like the same things. 

What do you guys think?

Alice & Olivia "Luisa" Sequin Embellished Jacket $795
(hand-sewn Swarovski crystals added throughout jacket)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Top $580
Yves Saint Laurant High-Waisted Wool/Silk Pant $950
Versace Gold Leather Sandals $1,095
Alexander McQueen Handbag $1,420
(with skull closure)
22K Gold Leaf Hoop Earrings $800
(because butterflies love leaves)
Splenderosa Headband $49