Thursday, October 14, 2010

Staying Power

What I particularly like about this photo of Cindy Crawford is that we
see the evolution of a famous young model into a sophisticated &
contemporary woman.  Still beautiful, but now glamourous.  Not cute.
Not pretty.  A lovely transformation, for certain.

This is what life & aging is about. 
One of my favorite sayings about myself is this:
"she is always & never the same"
I think you'll understand.

Finding self-confidence, feeling good about who you are, believing
in yourself and your opinions (hopefully, educated ones) & finally
knowing when taking a stand, a gentle one, are the keys to open doors
on the way to gracefulness, elegance, charm, class & style.

If there is one thing I can offer it is the absolute necessity
to see everything in a 360 way.  Stop & evaluate how someone
else could have a commitment to an idea when that idea is
incorrect or different than yours. 

My jewelry work has increased quite a bit, and now my daughter will be
moving back to Texas from Florida (I'm helping her with the
move), she's met a new man and been offered a wonderful new
position, AND my son won best-in-show in the recent
Houston Festival of the Arts.

Thank all of you for your comments & votes for him!!

I am busy designing & making a prototype of a line of 
jewel-embellished sterling silver napkin rings. 
Show you when I'm farther along in the process.
You know how it all starts out in your head, you struggle with
the design elements, how to create something beautiful &
functional...& by the time you begin the actual physical making of the
piece all the problems, you thought, have been solved. 
Very creative when you think of holidays, different seasons, different
chinas, crystals, table settings.  And, I love it!!