Tuesday, March 1, 2011


each one of these handbags for Spring/Summer

the 2 below are from Escada

in days gone by I wouldn't leave the house without a perfectly
coordinated handbag for the outfit du jour...
in today's world it seems less important, to me anyway...
& I find I tend toward a shoulder bag of some size,
but a very user-friendly one...where there
are a couple of pockets inside for glasses, phone,
etc., and with my constant wearing of black or white
with some pop of color it is always a great black handbag...
life is so much less complicated than it used to be,
and somehow I feel too "mature" to have the need
to constantly change bags for daytime wear.

my absolute favorite is a black Carlos Falchi which
I've owned for some years...it still looks beautiful with
all the black-on-black patchwork craftsmanship. 
I do take very good care of everything I own...as much as
possible...and I'm rewarded with items that remain current
& pretty for a long long time.

how do you feel about your handbag?
what do you carry normally?

PS, I'm am SICK over John Galliano.


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