Saturday, March 19, 2011

Precious, Cute, Darling & Witty

Akris dress,
tie-dyed with both front & back panels,
love the shape, love the pattern & colors.

darling little handbag, not meant to match the above outfit,
just something cute for Spring/Summer.

please visit our newly organized jewelry pages,
shown at the top right.

Happy Spring !!!!


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  1. Adore the dress Marsha and I don't wear a lot of pattern, this is yummy and subdued !!

    The Bag is just adorable!

    Off to look at your new jewelry!

    Art by Karena

  2. LOVE Akris - their pants fit me absolutely perfectly!! It's just gotten so very expensive!!

  3. Dearest Marsha, the tie dye dress is lovely!

    I did a post about some of my clothes I want to dye to take on holiday. I hope they don't go tie dye! I made a right mess last time I tried. Maybe I should get the professionals in. Hope you're having a good weekend xx

  4. They look like SPRING! It can't come soon enough!
    I love that little purse!
    xo Yvonne


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