Friday, March 18, 2011

JLo, Steven Tyler, Escada

On Wednesday Jennifer wore this beautiful leopard outfit,
maybe Dolce & Gabbana,long, sheer, flowing...
and she looked beautiful...when they did a close-up of her I was kinda
shocked she had violet eyeshadow and pink lipstick, not what I would have
chosen for brown tones of leopard print...

However, the image below arrived in my inbox this morning,
accessorizing this brown tones of tiger outfit with fuchsia...and, my goodness,
it looks wonderful, doesn't it?

So, am I out of step on the eyeshadow & lipstick, ladies?


this is more what I would have chosen ...
but now I'm fearing I must be "old" ...

Now, on to more important stuff.

American Idol.  My daughter & I don't miss an episode.

I have fallen in love with Ms. Lopez & her beautiful tenderness
& very helpful comments.

Steven Tyler has shocked me!  I have always loved his
music.  Now I love him.
He doesn't say much, but one can tell he is "living" the
moment with those contestants, listening, watching, smiling.

Of course, Randy is Randy, and we hope that will
never change.

I love Paul, Casey & Pia.


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SnOOp said...

Love JLo's outfit

Kori said...

Great post as always Marsha! Have a great weekend! I know you probably already entered, but the Spring giveaway ends today! Check it out! And, don't forget to vote for Fine Man Friday! Kori xoxo


Wow! Esplendorosa....the outfit looks gray to me and yeah, no matter what J. Lo looks beautiful!

Big Fan!

Nuit said...

you and i might just be related dear, we seem to think so alike!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Mr Tyler and do not miss an episode either. SO GOOD! Now, that dress is totally fearce and i DO love it with pink ;)

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Marsha, Jennifer is gorgeous and I love that outfit. I love Steve too!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

LPC said...

I like the country boy, and I think he will win. I don't even like country music:). And yes, I think people match less, in fashion these days...