Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Royal Wedding Attire...

Starting with the top,

& remember for this exercise in fantasy,
money is NO object...

I've finally chosen this hat
to go with the Valentino outfit
which I only just discovered today, Tuesday...
I mean, can you believe it...the wedding is Friday morning
I'm leaving tomorrow and TODAY I found the outfit!!

The hat seems perfect to me, not severe brimmed, but fluttery,
which this ensemble requires, I think.

I would prefer the hem to be longer, but this is the only photo I
could find.  The actual outfit will be delivered to my hotel on Thursday,
with the longer hem. 

I love the soft pinky-beige color, but thought it was way too
boring to be monochromatic, which is usually my style.
So the hat set the tone for the rest of the accessories.
I really am liking the sharpness of the dark gray/black with the
rose me it gives the outfit a lot of style & punch.

Diego Dolcini Shoes @ Neiman-Marcus
with Swarovski crystal-embellished heels
in gold, black & silver...
not gaudy at all, just beautiful with a bit
of dash thrown in.
Love the flower-ruffle embellished toes too.
Matches the hat & ruffle down the front of the outfit.

look at the awesome heels

Judith Leiber Handbag
adds exactly the right element of grandeur & whimsy.
I mean, wouldn't it just be too obvious to have a
"normal" handbag?
Not at the Royal Wedding, please....
notice the silver, gold & black crystals,
exactly the same as on the heel of the shoe.


Black South Sea Pearls Necklace
double or triple strand
Black South Sea Pearl with Diamond Studs
very sheer hosiery
gray leather gloves,
very elegant ones with no top-stiching showing

OK, what are you guys wearing?


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