Sunday, April 24, 2011

Royal Wedding Outfit, Help Me Choose

As promised, I will choose one entirely perfect
(in my opinion) 

for the

Royal Wedding.

From Hat to Shoes.

This has proven to be somewhat more of a challenge than I
originally thought.  There are actually not so many appropriate ensembles
out there at the moment.  I chose designer collections from their
Spring 2011 shows.

Would have loved to be able to choose Alexander McQueen or
Burberry Prorsum or Victoria Beckham but that didn't work.

Following protocol, we must have no white, no black & certainly
no red.  No sleeveless. No sparkle.  No pants/trousers for
ladies. No platform stilettos. 
And on & on...

A very formal morning high-mass wedding for royalty.
Simple?  No.

I've decided I need your opinions on this, so below you will see
my selections of outfits which I deem appropriate.  Once we
choose ONE ensemble, I'll accessorize it with everything the
female guest would need to complete the look.

I am intending these outfits to be suitable for
any age, including friends of the bride & groom.

Please tell me which one you prefer.
And why?

I'll finish the ensemble for Wednesday's post,
hat, gloves, hosiery, handbag, shoes, jewelry
will all be included.

I know this looks like a sea of beige but, really,
there aren't that many options, especially
considering that the Queen, the MOB,
the bridesmaids will all be wearing some color
(as yet unknown) & a guest cannot conflict.

Don't worry, I won't be boring!



Anonymous said...

I like the fourth look, it has a good bit of visual interest without being too showy.

x M.

Ann said...

To me, it was not even close.
The first dress is simple, elegant, creative and will allow your exquisite taste to reveal itself with how you accessorize.

Can't wait to see!

Christine (Spencer) Hooker said...

Marsha-I offered the choice of #2 or #5 as my choice for garments for the wedding. Both of them have jackets which are most appropriate due to the usually required coverage of the arms. Oh, how I wish I were in London to witness my (VERY) distant cousin, William, as he takes a bride and future queen. To William and Kate, I send prayers that this union bring each of you strength, respect, love, loyalty and protection from the omnipresent onslaught of media and public discourse. May you find respite in each other. Thank you for this opportunity. Most sincerely, Christine

Anonymous said...

The 5th one!

Karena said...

Marsha I love the 1st (darling Jacket and sheer trim at bottom of the skirt!)and then the coral tiered dress. I will love seeing the entire emsemble!!

Art by Karena

welcome to my world of poetry said...

As I'm still awaiting my invitation I have yet to buy my
This was wonderful to look at all the lovely styles was good to look at.

La Petite Gallery said...

I like the taupe dress with the soft ruffle on right sholder. That is pretty. What's with the shor skirts? Tell me that fashion is not back.
Knees are so ugly.
wll anywhay most are.

Nuit said...

I absolutely adore the last two!!! Perfection! xoxoxo {take me to the wedding please?} LOL

ronaamal said...

I think the second would be good if you have to be pretty covered up, the fourth if not as much

ida said...

The 5th for me as it is similar to what I wore as mother of the bride!! Not keen on the above knee look.Ida

Fifi Flowers said...

I'm voting for 1st or 3rd!

Gracie Jewellery said...

At first I was going to choose the second dress because I like the floaty skirt and the blouson top. But I don't like the jacket shown with it. So I vote for number 5. I like how the flowers look embroidered on the skirt and jacket. And this has a classic uncluttered look. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. This was fun!

Splenderosa said...

Yes, no mini-skirts allowed. I guess the designer's will just have to cut them a bit longer for this occasion. I am truly surprised to find so little which is actually appropriate.

EFT Tapping said...

Ohh... the Royal Wedding... :) I love the second ensemble!

buyaionaccounts said...

Love the frills in the 3rd to the last dress. Simply elegant and sophisticated.

quintessence said...

OOh tough choice!! I adore #4 but I think it might have too much sparkle, especially for 11am. That being said, 7 is my next favorite. 5 would be lovely for someone as well = just not me!

~In God we trust~ said...

For me the last one, long sleeve, cute colour, small flowers.. First i think in the number four but looks like an outfit miss middleton wore in events you know with a hat and gloves but in skinny size.. love your blog and the music very relaxing.....

Alison Cross said...

I wouldn't go for anything above the knee for Westminster Abbey. The floral suit 8th up from bottom is lovely though!

Ali x

Beadboard UpCountry said...

The first one is a knockout......I think it is elegant in it's simplicity.........Maryanne ;)

ursula said...

I like No. 3. I love the clean lines with just a bit of frill--sexy/feminine.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11 are all fabulous! Wonderful choices! I love them. I cannot wait to see the outfits. I'm getting excited now! xx