Saturday, April 16, 2011

Perfect Day Dress + + +

isn't a little dress called for

tis the season
for ladies fashion shows and luncheons,

these 2 frocks represent the perfect "day dress"
for the ritualistic events,
both Valentino,
both so simple,
one could find this idea from many labels

4 rows of soft ruffles, little cap sleeve
or this one, little rib-knitted delight


& the perfect shoe & bag to go with
the perfect dress...


not really

add some bright turquoise jewelry, not necklaces, but earrings
and bracelets, shoes, handbag...

coral pieces.

i just love those striped shoes with the coral trim!

Changes the look & the mood instantly, doesn't it?

then when you're wearing the same outfit
to church, pearls.

to a wedding, black

to parent's in law for dinner, natural open-toe wedges, straw accessories

to the children's school play, bright red flats, red handbag, pearl studs

to a gallery opening, very very high platforms, lots of lucite going on

to the corporate party, mahogany accessories, very sleek

add a huge silk scarf to any of these and you can go all the way into Fall.
I could go on & on, but the mileage you can achieve from one good dress
and tons of different awesome accessorries is investment dressing to the
(I would find a pair of white high-top rhinestoned tennis shoes, white lace socks
 + a huge tan leather hobo
+ all natural or sterling silver earrings & bracelets

& walk around NYC or LA & be comfortable &, perhaps, chic).
What do you think?

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