Monday, April 18, 2011

Coco & Keira

I was trying to think of fashion for the Royal Wedding,
and I thought of Keira Knightley, 
who is just so perfectly British,
& as minds sometimes wander I just couldn't
resist these pics of her doing the Coco fragrance ads.

So Pretty!

I will never forget her in the movie "Atonement" which
I believe is one of the best movies ever made.

Wedding attire coming soon...


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  1. With the Royal Wedding fast approaching I expect you will be wondering what the dress will be like, who will be the designer, perfume, the list is never ending. Thank you for another wonderful post.

  2. Love Keira's face...
    she looks good looking classic,
    and looks good looking modern too.

    Her face just lights up,
    and with Coco her face expresses its sensuous and fine fragrance perfectly &hearts

  3. Beautiful photos, and the film Atonement was fantastic, I only watched it quite recently, I had tried to read the book but got a bit bogged down with it, the film has haunted me really since I watched it. On another subject, did you know that the Royal Wedding ordinary guests have to arrive at Westminster Abbey by 8.30! Don't know how a girl is supposed to be dressed up to the nines by then, hair and all - that is why I did not accept my invitation ha ha x

  4. Keira is quite lovely...
    and it will be interesting to check out the wedding attire soon too...

  5. Marsha...stunning and beautiful photos. Love all of her different hair styles. Can't wait to see wedding attire.

  6. Yes, a lovely English beauty!! I've been making these sort of connections as well!!


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