Sunday, April 24, 2011

Royal Wedding Outfit, Help Me Choose

As promised, I will choose one entirely perfect
(in my opinion) 

for the

Royal Wedding.

From Hat to Shoes.

This has proven to be somewhat more of a challenge than I
originally thought.  There are actually not so many appropriate ensembles
out there at the moment.  I chose designer collections from their
Spring 2011 shows.

Would have loved to be able to choose Alexander McQueen or
Burberry Prorsum or Victoria Beckham but that didn't work.

Following protocol, we must have no white, no black & certainly
no red.  No sleeveless. No sparkle.  No pants/trousers for
ladies. No platform stilettos. 
And on & on...

A very formal morning high-mass wedding for royalty.
Simple?  No.

I've decided I need your opinions on this, so below you will see
my selections of outfits which I deem appropriate.  Once we
choose ONE ensemble, I'll accessorize it with everything the
female guest would need to complete the look.

I am intending these outfits to be suitable for
any age, including friends of the bride & groom.

Please tell me which one you prefer.
And why?

I'll finish the ensemble for Wednesday's post,
hat, gloves, hosiery, handbag, shoes, jewelry
will all be included.

I know this looks like a sea of beige but, really,
there aren't that many options, especially
considering that the Queen, the MOB,
the bridesmaids will all be wearing some color
(as yet unknown) & a guest cannot conflict.

Don't worry, I won't be boring!