Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen, the other sister

Those who read my blog regularly already know how much
The Row
designed by the Olsen sisters, Mary Kate & Ashley.

Wearing their ensembles, right off the runway, is
younger sister, Elizabeth in Cannes.

and doesn't she look fabulous?
& so do her clothes.

Amazing family resemblance, isn't there?

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s, younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, 
is about to make headway into mainstream Hollywood.

Olsen is to be considered the Cannes “It” girl this year 
as she stars in not one, but TWO films being shown at the film festival.
She has flown under the radar for years, 
mostly focusing on stage work, 
but two recent films of hers have caught the attention of the committee.
Martha Marcy May Marlene is a film in which Olsen
 plays a girl named Martha who escapes from a violent cult and struggles t
o assimilate with her family when she returns back home. 
The movie is a follow-up to director Sean Durkin’s film 
Mary Last Seen which won awards at Cannes in 2010.
The other film featuring Olsen is Silent House
a movie about a girl named Sarah who descends into 
madness at her family’s summer house. 
Olsen told the Hollywood Reporter that making the movie made her 
“physically sick” because it was so exhausting to keep up 
the momentum of terror while shooting.

Anyone liking The Row better?


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