Wednesday, June 15, 2011


a garden party with thriving plants as part of the

this photograph came from a delightful new blog
which you can find

A Designer & A Contractor
and where you will see so many more beautiful tablescapes...
they only have 11 followers, my friends...
go on over & welcome them to bloggeritaville...

& if your dining outside, please include this smashingly
beautiful and really good 
Sauteed Cherry Tomato
dish which can be made at the last moment
in 5 minutes...

olive oil, salt, some herbs (chives/basil/parsley/cilantro, etc.)
and swish around...voila they're done...

and if you don't have a big garden, try painting this
scene on a fence, plopping in a couple of chairs...
why not?

joining Susan and all the others for
Tablescape Thursday,
icon at bottom of the page so you
can click over.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely new blog-the tablescape sure is inspiring so will hop right over. xo Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  2. How's Miss Marsha? I do hope you are enjoying Summer!
    Such gorgeous tablescopes!
    gi gi

  3. The last time you introduced me to a blogger I fell in love with her, her food and her blog. Sam is fabulous! So I'm running over to this new blogger and asking her to be my friend!
    You are so inclusive and a "gatherer". I love that about you!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm new to your place too! Lovely!

  5. Always so much eye candy to see here......happy to have a new blog to check out, am going to go now! Enjoy your day Marsha...

  6. What a lovely place to sit & eat alfresco its so pretty & what a lovely tablescape....(sorry have just spotted Mr Brosnan in your previous post my eyes wonder oh lala). Lovely read enjoing the music while sipping my cup of tea :)..just need to scrowl down to take a closer look at Pierce

  7. Hello Madame Splenderosa! I agree with Yvonne Love the way you support us as newbies! Went over and joined the new blog. Thanks and put your tom salad on the list for summa!!! Soup here today doll!! Cold and drearrrryyy...

  8. No surprise that this table is gorgeous - it's Bunny William's!! Will trot on over to see the new blog later. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend here so I'm sure we'll be eating outside - unfortunately my youngest and I are the only tomato lovers!!

  9. What a delightful tablescape. Going over to welcome the new bloggers now! Thanks for sharing!Have a great day!

  10. lovely garden party Marsha,
    the table setting is divine...
    I am such a fan of live plants as part decoration for dining...


  11. Love that table-scape...I'm headed right over. OK, I got my jewelry closet cleaned up but forgot to measure the bracelet. Just made a note. will do it tomorrow. Mona

  12. love the table and the tomato dish sounds exquisite. Many blessings! marlis

  13. beautiful tablescape and a simple delicious looking tomato salad. Thankyou for bringing the images of summer to my grey day here in Australia. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my blog through Mosaic Monday. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Marsha - thanks so much for featuring us on your blog. So much appreciated! Your blog is fabulous and we are now followers! Thanks again and the tomato salad is now a new recipe we'd like to try....
    Lots of love - Lisa & Chuck

  15. That trompe l'oeil is fabulous! What a brilliant idea xx

  16. How fresh and beautiful, Marsha! And those cherry tomatoes....look so YUMMY! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Kristin xoxo


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