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Friday, July 8, 2011


Genoa, Italy
can you even imagine ?



  1. That first image is gorgeous colour. I adore all those champagne glasses...and the outfit. Genoa? Wow that looks amazing! My memories of Genoa include getting caught in an electric storm on the train station with my luggage and getting soaked and practically deafeaned!! Never knew it looked that good Marsha>.hehehe

    Veronica xxx

  2. Beautiful!! I got horribly lost in Genoa once so have never been inclined to visit it again, but this home would change my mind. Have a lovely weekend x Sharon

  3. What a stunning color.....not one I have used in home decor but one I buy in clothing and accessories, its such a feel good color, ahhh..that last picture in Genoa, dreamy beyond description! ( I can see me working on my blog from one of the room overlooking the ocean) haha

  4. Oh Marsha, these images are gorgeous. I just spent a week at the beach and that second image has me dreaming...Happy Friday!!

  5. Beautiful images, Marsha. We love using this color as an accessories or to add a splash of color to a room. It's hard to believe that someone lives in the home in Genoa, Italy Wow, it's fabulous. Would love to see the interior.

  6. Take me there, right now please! So beautiful. There's something about the color aquamarine, that just embodies summer like nothing else. I love that living room space.

  7. What a view from such a stunning doorway...blissful and as for the house in Genoa...there are no words...
    Have a wonderful weekend, Marsha. xx

  8. Another great set of photos! Aqua is truly the prettiest color out of them all!

  9. Oh that view! How lovely is that villa too! Roll on my summer holidays. I hope you've had a great weekend, dear Marsha xx

  10. Cool - Cool - Cool!
    Beautiful color! Great post as always with stunning images!

    Sorry for my belated comments, full house here, hot, no rain, running around with watering cans, and.....


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