Thursday, July 28, 2011

This I Know....


Creativity Doesn't Sleep
sometimes it drives you completely crazy,
sometimes it's heaven

& when you see something completely beautiful,
something that takes your breath away,
you know someone's vision, in their own minds, has made it possible,
they wouldn't accept anything less than what they envisioned.

no matter how difficult to actually design &amp build,  they remained determined.

when I saw the image below, at first I thought it was a painting, looking closer I knew it wasn't.

imagine actually building this.

or the person who conceived this incredible installation art,
hanging Chinese lanterns at the Montreal Botanical Gardens,
October 2004

or this...
beautiful & perfect little tree house,
oh yes, we must know that someone determined to complete it with
perfection was harassed by their own creativity until it was complete.


or the art director who styled this photo shoot,
featuring bedding, actually had to build this platform in toto
and then had to wait for the perfect moment, when the mist & fog
made their entrance, to actually  photograph his creation.

an old boat, ruined by time, imagined as a sitting area in a garden...
then digitally made it the colors of the story they were telling.

or this, a few years ago this would have been thought impossible,
but a gymnast, dancer, someone,  envisioned how dramatic it could be,
and worked 100's of hours to make it happen.


An Article by Jan Phillips for the Huffington Post, 2010

"Have you ever had the thought,  "I'm not creative. 

I can't even draw a straight line"?  If so, you're not alone. 
Many people think that there is some essential relationship 
between creativity and the ability to make art.
 If they can't paint like Picasso, sing like Josh Groban, or sculpt like Henry Moore,
 they don't dare claim to be creative. 
It feels like an arrogant thing to say about yourself, if you're not an expert, 
not making a living from your creations, not well-known and 
publicly acclaimed for your imaginative gifts.
Why, when creativity is our very birthright, do so few of us feel creative? Why, when we're asked to think of someone creative, do we rarely think about ourselves, but of the public figures that have defined creativity over the years? We think of Monet, Mozart, Jackson Pollack, Martha Graham, Ansel Adams, always the figureheads, when the real truth is that every one of us is a born creator. That's the hallmark of being human: the ability to create, to turn something invisible into something visible, to forge a poem out of a feeling or a song out of a sorrow.
Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, says that creativity doesn't happen in our heads but in the interaction between our imagination and our social context. It's a matter of experience and response, a matter of relationship to others and a commentary on the significance of our encounters. Creativity is the vivid expression of who we are in the world--our imagination begets our thoughts, our thoughts beget our words, our words beget our actions, our actions beget our experience, our collective experience and expression begets our culture. Each of us is contributing to the creation of the cultures we participate in.
The world is not divided into two groups of the creative and the uncreative. If there's a distinction, it's between those who are creatively productive and those with unexpressed potential. We're creative by default. We're genetically predisposed to create. Each of us, to varying degrees, is intrinsically motivated to create, to be original and to solve challenging problems. The question to ask is not, "Am I creative?" but rather, "What inspires me to create?"
Personal creativity is not about intelligence or information. 
It's about inspiration, from the Latin spiritus, meaning "breath, courage, the soul.
" Creativity is about being fully alive, living courageously, or as the painter Joan Miro´ says, "Expressing with precision all the gold sparks the soul gives off." When is the last time you felt fully alive? What is it that calls forth your courage and trumps your fear of sharing your soul? Knowing this is the key to discovering the creativity that is waiting to be expressed through you."

I love this philosophy.  I know every endeavor is creativeness.
Think about medicine, advertising, business development, system integration,
hardware, software, setting a table, gardening, teaching school, etc.
(maybe not politics or lawyering)

Everything begins as an idea.  
Tell me, what do you think about this?

 The precious little sign
Creativity Never Sleeps 
is from an Etsy artist, you will find the shop


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time to think...


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